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The innovation capacity-building projects of Sichuang electronics and China Coal Mine Construction Co., Ltd. were supported by national funds

Hefei Sichuang electronics and China Coal Mine Construction Co., Ltd. were supported by national funds of 8million yuan and 5million yuan respectively. Hefei Sichuang electronics and China coal mine construction, two national enterprise technology center innovation capacity-building projects, received national financial support of 8million yuan and 5million yuan respectively

according to the elimination method: adjust the degree, it is understood that the special fund for the innovation capacity construction of the national enterprise technology center is to support the key test and R & D facilities construction of the key enterprise technology center on the basis of the national recognition of the enterprise technology center. In order to speed up the establishment of a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, strengthen the dominant position of enterprises in technological innovation, and enhance the core competitiveness and sustainable development ability of enterprises

the two project enterprises supported this time have strong innovation ability. In 2013, the two enterprises achieved a total operating revenue of about 15.7 billion yuan. The total expenditure for scientific and technological activities was 290million yuan, 94 scientific and technological projects were realized, and 53 patents were applied for throughout the year, including 9 invention patents

the enterprise technology center is the brain of the enterprise, which is related to the development of the enterprise. Hefei vigorously promotes the construction of enterprise technology centers, forming a three-level echelon of city, province and country

at present, Hefei has a total of 23 national enterprise technology centers, which are the same as Wuhan in the total amount of decolorization experiments in the capital cities of six provinces in Central China, and are tied for the first place

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