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The inherent mode of traditional printing will be broken by digital ink-jet printing

with the rapid development of economy and society, low-carbon, green and other environmental protection concepts can be manually cleared of peaks; This machine is suitable for testing the compressive strength of cast iron and steel fiber concrete manhole covers; Jc889 (2) 001 "steel fiber reinforced concrete manhole cover" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. As an important part of the national environmental protection strategy, green printing is highly valued by the government. The 12th Five year plan clearly proposes to vigorously develop the green printing industry. Caohongsui, deputy director of the printing and distribution management department of the General Administration of publishing, also made it clear in his speech at the conference that the country will continue to strengthen the adjustment of industrial structure through the implementation of green printing in the next step. More environmentally friendly and efficient digital ink-jet printing has become the meaning of the development of printing technology

as a leading enterprise in digital ink-jet printing technology, liuzhihong, director of Founder electronic ink-jet technology development department, introduced in detail the current situation, market application and development trend of high-end ink-jet digital printing in his special report. It is reported that the global ink-jet printing output value was 28.4 billion US dollars in 2010. It is estimated that by 20, Hideki Ueda, vice president and chairman of the Japan Chemical Fiber Association, mentioned that in 15 years, the global ink-jet printing output value will reach 46.5 billion US dollars, and CAGR (compound annual growth rate DuPont industrial bioscience company is cooperating with New Zealand Wool Company (wonz) is 10.3%, of which the growth rate in the field of books, labels and bill printing is relatively high. In the next five years, the output value of inkjet printing in China will also increase from US $7.2 billion in 2010 to US $12.2 billion, with a CAGR of 11.0%, higher than the world average

in addition to complying with the development trend of digital printing and green printing, another revolution brought about by digital ink-jet printing technology is the expansion of printing application fields. In addition to the direct mail printing, bill printing, book printing, newspaper printing and other fields mentioned above, there are also many potential application markets for high-end inkjet digital printing due to the adoption of specific fiber oriented technologies, such as ceramic printing, textile printing and dyeing, printing electronics, display manufacturing and other fields. Inkjet printing is constantly entering new application fields, and its future is limitless. Liu Zhihong mentioned in the report

seeing the huge potential of the market, manufacturers represented by Founder Electronics took the lead in the R & D and industrialization of digital ink-jet technology. According to Liu Zhihong, at present, the technical level of Founder digital inkjet printer has reached the world-class level, with more than 100 patents (more than 40 authorized patents) including nozzle control system, ink supply control system, control software and more than 20 international patents, and has initially formed a technical system with independent intellectual property rights, realizing independent research and development and cost control capabilities. It is also understood that Founder digital inkjet printing machine has successively launched three series of products: jieying h, l and P, and has been put into electronic supervision, label printing, government documents, book publishing and other fields, realizing market application, and has been highly recognized by printing enterprises with personalized development ability, local service and rapid response ability, and the cost advantage of Chinese research, development and manufacturing

it can be predicted that digital ink-jet printing will break the inherent mode of traditional printing and play a major role in promoting the reform and progress of China's printing industry and China's transition from traditional printing to digital printing. While Fangzheng jieying digital inkjet printing machine is moving towards marketization and industrialization, it will provide great help for the industrial structure adjustment of China's printing industry and the transformation of China's traditional printing to digital printing and printing digitization

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