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Nanning special purpose vehicle factory's informatization road

Nanning special purpose vehicle factory's informatization road

as a leading enterprise in the field of special purpose vehicles, Nanning special purpose vehicle factory is not complacent and maintains the status quo, but uses informatization to liberate people, excavate production capacity, and enhance the social value of the enterprise

blockbuster product bright Beijing

in order to ensure that Beijing's environmental sanitation level reaches or even exceeds international standards before 2008, and to ensure the health of participants and the good image of Beijing, the Beijing Municipal Administration Committee decided to transform waste storage, transportation and treatment equipment. In October, 2002, the Beijing Municipal Administration Committee adopted the "exclusive procurement" mode to purchase garbage compression vehicles. The object of "exclusive procurement" is Guangxi Nanning special automobile factory (hereinafter referred to as "Nanning automobile factory") in the southwest of China. The products purchased are the flagship products of the factory with exclusive patent rights - nz5160zysb swing arm compression garbage truck

although Nanning automobile factory is located in the southwest, it has always been far ahead in the same industry. Nanning automobile factory, founded in 1959, is the first batch of environmental sanitation special vehicle manufacturers recommended by China Environmental Sanitation Association to users. It is also the national CAD training demonstration center, the autonomous region level technical center and the Nanning CAD Technical Service Center for small and medium-sized enterprises. Its main products are garbage truck, sprinkler, manure truck. At the same time, this household battery can also sweep the floor according to the power consumption of different periods. There are four series of 28 products and five types of garbage compression and transfer station equipment. Among them, the waste compression and transfer station equipment with independent intellectual property rights has been rated as "national key new products", and with its novel structure and high-tech content, it has been adopted by many major cities in China and exported to Southeast Asia

excellent products must be inseparable from advanced management. The factory is not only the first to pass the ISO9001 quality certification in the domestic industry, but also the first to fully implement the ERP system in the enterprise

to survive, we also need to develop

"survival is no problem, technology needs to be updated, and there is hope for development." This is a catchphrase of Director Tan of Nanning automobile factory, and it is also a slogan familiar to every employee in the factory

he told us a classic story of management: on a farm in the United States, the sheep he raised were often sick, and their overall physique was getting weaker and weaker. The farmer was puzzled. Later, under the guidance of others, the farmer put a wolf in the sheep. Soon, the sheep's physique was rapidly improved and its vitality was more and more vigorous. "To avoid the attack of wolves, sheep must keep running, so that their physique can be exercised. Now we just need to prepare for a rainy day and invest a wolf for ourselves in advance, rather than waiting for the wolves to come and have nothing to do."


from the story told by factory director Tan, we can feel the vigorous and upward spirit of Nanning automobile factory represented by factory director tan. However, only with the upward spirit and the slogan of not saying defeat, fist products cannot be born, and the role of the industry leader does not rely on performance. According to Director Tan, in addition to the profound internal skills accumulated in technology, production and management over the years, he also benefited from the timely application of ERP, and was even more grateful to choose UFIDA Software Co., Ltd., a domestic excellent ERP manufacturer, as a partner. Through ERP, we can further straighten out the production process and improve the enterprise management, so as to make the industry leader "even stronger"

in addition to criticism, change your face

erp is a system that really solves management problems. In the research stage, you first find the "shortest piece of wood in the barrel", so that the weak become strong, and then move towards transformation. It's hard to deny yourself, but success will come to you. Now that we have chosen ERP, Nanning special automobile factory has made up its mind: get rid of criticism and change its face

Factory Director Tan instructed the heads of major departments and the project implementation personnel of UFIDA to form a joint project team, and the project research began. After several months of in-depth understanding and detailed analysis, several major problems that need to be solved have gradually emerged

"liquidity is the most perplexing problem for us." Director Tan didn't deliberately avoid, "for a long time, because our products sell well, in order to expand market demand, do you know what stages of metal material tensile testing machine need to be carried out in the tensile test? Then increase production, through the guide roller, but the following problem is that material procurement is difficult to adapt to production."

in addition, in order to provide timely supplies to customers, after the contract was initialed, the procurement department began to purchase materials and the production department began to organize production. But in fact, not all intention agreements can be converted into formal contracts in time. Therefore, funds have caused a certain waste, and it is difficult to accurately control production plans and procurement plans

in the specific process, because the previous purchase plan and production plan were formulated manually, it is inevitable that there are problems such as inaccurate data, poor sustainability of the plan, poor plan tracking and so on

after understanding these situations, the implementation personnel of UFIDA project breathed a sigh of relief, because the reasonable planning and integration of processes, the accurate control of funds and the budget are all the specialties of UFIDA ERP-U8

"first of all, through the setting of system functions, the formulation of the plan is more reasonable, and the traceability of the plan is stronger in the process of implementation." Zhang Zhimin, the implementation consultant of UFIDA project, who led the project team members in the scheme design, said, "secondly, we should quickly improve the first-hand data and solve the problem of non-standard material coding before the system is used. Thirdly, we should share information. Finally, we should effectively control the picking and directly reduce the production cost."

in terms of material use, UFIDA has established a material structure. When the production department performs production tasks, it must strictly follow the standards provided by this material structure for "quota picking"

"after the implementation of the system, the production plan and purchase plan have a very detailed plan for each contract. When to purchase what materials and when to complete it, everything is planned very carefully. In this way, the funds can be used more fully. The effect after the system is launched can be seen that the same funds can cope with more contracts than before." Zhang Zhimin said confidently

"after running for a period of time, the system has made significant improvements in production planning, procurement planning, contract management, production scheduling, material control, etc." Director Tan realized more deeply, "for example, the production of a garbage compressor, from plan to completion

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