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The information of national imported publications will be submitted in real time

the long-standing phenomena of long statistical cycle, low efficiency and inaccurate information of imported publications will become a thing of the past. It was learned from the training meeting held by the General Administration of publication in Beijing on June 14 that the national publication import real-time monitoring system will be fully applied to 44 publication import companies across the country. This means that the national publication import information is about to adjust the magnification of the measurement amplifier to achieve comprehensive real-time reporting, and the filing management is also operating in 17 factories in the mainland, which will be more standardized, standardized and information-based

the comprehensive application of the national publication import real-time monitoring system is a leap in the administration and service of imported publications by the General Administration, which will make the General Administration grasp the import situation of publications more timely and comprehensively, and respond more sensitively to the market of imported publications. Zhang Fuhai, director of the Department of foreign exchange and cooperation of the General Administration, told that the use of the national publication import real-time monitoring system is conducive to mastering the dynamic status of various links such as the import time, variety, quantity and final flow of physical goods of various publications across the country; Second, it helps the General Administration and the provincial bureaus and local publication import and export business units to achieve three-level linkage, making it possible for the General Administration and the provincial bureaus to form a joint management force in the supervision of publication import; Third, improve the early warning ability, so that the management department can find publications containing prohibited contents in time; Fourth, it is conducive to scientific decision-making, and the strong storage and computing capacity of the system can provide initiative for promoting the healthy and orderly development of the imported publication market; Fifth, promote the information sharing of imported publications, which is conducive to improving work efficiency

it is understood that the publications included in the scope include newspapers, periodicals, books, audio-visual products, electronic publications and electronic literature databases, covering all kinds of imported publications. Each publication import company needs to report the basic data of the publications imported by the company in the three links of entering the customs, warehousing and final destination

after the information is reported, the system will automatically generate the annual summary data of import publications of each import company. In addition, the Department of foreign exchange and cooperation of the General Administration, provincial (District, municipal) publishing bureaus and import companies can also publish information and feedback on the system. Previously, the filing of import and export publications was mainly based on the traditional manual mode

in order to achieve the purpose of real-time supervision and promote the orderly development of the market, the general administration requires all import companies to complete the data filling work. First, a personnel mechanism should be established to arrange full-time data filling personnel to be responsible for the filling of the special formula of reactive resin for the long durability of the road signs of imported publication data; Second, the full-time data filling personnel shall not distribute the user name, password, management information issued by the station and other contents of the monitoring system to the competent leaders and personnel other than themselves; Third, each company should establish a good internal management mechanism to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of data filling. The provincial (District, municipal) publishing bureaus should also arrange corresponding departments to be responsible for the supervision of imported publications, and arrange full-time managers to supervise and urge the publication import business units within their jurisdiction to fill in and submit import data in a timely manner with the monitoring system. In order to ensure the training quality, the training also set up an examination link

the development of the national publication import real-time monitoring system with full digital pulse control was officially launched in January 2010. As of the end of March this year, the internal test has been completed, and the trial operation has been carried out in import Companies in Beijing and Shanghai, and the overall operation of the system is good. After the training, the system will be fully applied and play a key role in this year's import and export statistics

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