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Caring service and full Escort - Delta UPS fully deployed Sichuan Guangyuan college entrance examination standardized examination center in early June, the annual national college entrance examination arrived as scheduled. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the national college entrance examination, Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, has equipped crbard (USA) Delta brand UPS backup power supply in the city, county and test center patrol system and command center. This product can continuously supply power for up to 2 hours in case of power interruption or abnormality, ensuring the correct operation of monitoring equipment and escorting Guangyuan college entrance examination standardization test center

in this year's college entrance examination, Sichuan Province has fully launched standardized test sites. Local enrollment departments have carried out remote real-time network video monitoring on the examination management of all test sites during the examination, so as to achieve full coverage of inspection, ensure that the examination is safe, strictly enforce the examination style and discipline, and create a sincere college entrance examination. The so-called standardized test sites cover five systems: comprehensive test business system, video and network monitoring system, emergency command system, candidate identity verification system, and cheating prevention and control system. This year, the number of references and the total number of examination halls in Guangyuan are all at a record high. 24653 candidates in Guangyuan will participate in the examination in 15 national education examination standardized examination centers and 831 standardized examination halls in Guangyuan

more than 20 sets of delta RT 7KVA UPS power supply have been purchased in this project. Delta RT series UPS adopts rack/tower installation compatible design, which fully meets the needs of users' installation environment to limit the prosperity of the market. Meanwhile, delta rack mounted RT UPS has high output power factor (0.9), which can carry 12.5% more load than traditional UPS; The wide input voltage range (100 ~ 300V) of the product can fully meet the electrical environment requirements of users; The design of low input harmonic distortion (< 5%), high input power factor (> 0.99) and high overall efficiency (> 92%) fully reflects Delta's design philosophy in energy saving and environmental protection; Delta RT series UPS is also equipped with direct paralleling function and shared battery pack function as standard, which is more convenient for UPS system upgrading and capacity expansion, and greatly improves the reliability of power supply

as the world's largest power supply manufacturer, Delta has always adhered to the primary goal of pursuing high-quality and reliable products. Its excellent quality and perfect service system have drawn a perfect end to the smooth development of the college entrance examination in Guangyuan

about delta group

founded in 1971, delta group is a leading manufacturer of power management and heat dissipation management solutions. It occupies a world-class important position in a number of product areas and has won awards from global mainstream financial media such as US business week, Forbes and European CNBC. In 2011, the group's total revenue exceeded US $7.1 billion

in the face of increasingly serious climate change issues, delta adheres to the business mission of "environmental protection, energy conservation and love the earth", uses the basis of power design and management, integrates global resources and innovative research and development, and deeply cultivates three business areas, including "power supply and components", "energy management" and "smart green life". Since 2006, the new global factory offices have adopted the green building concept. Delta Tainan factory is the first factory office building in Taiwan to obtain the diamond green building certification, saving 30% of energy and 40% of water resources compared with ordinary buildings

in the field of power supply and distribution, delta is a global leader in power management solutions. It is committed to providing enterprises with high energy-saving efficiency and reliability power supply and distribution products, including power supplies for notebook computers, power converters, high-efficiency electronic ballasts, uninterruptible power systems, DC power supply systems for communications and Industry, data center infrastructure solutions and other products, aiming to become the power source behind the competitiveness of enterprises

about Zhongda Diantong

Zhongda has been grateful to you for 20 years.

Zhongda Diantong was founded in Shanghai in 1992. Since it began business in 1994, it has maintained a high-speed development trend with an average annual growth rate of 35.5%, providing efficient and reliable power, video, automation and energy management solutions for industrial users (such as telecommunications, data centers, electric power, petrochemical, railway, industrial machinery, etc.). It ranks first in the market share of communication power supply in China and is also a leading manufacturer of video display and industrial automation solutions

ZTE integrates the excellent power electronics and control technologies of delta group, and continues to introduce products with leading performance at home and abroad. Under the in-depth understanding of the operating environment of Chinese customers, the technical solution center puts forward complete solutions according to the process needs of all walks of life, so as to create competitive advantages for customers. Adhering to the business mission of environmental protection, energy conservation and love for the earth, in 2007, Zhongda Diantong became a green action strategic partner of China Mobile. In terms of energy conservation and emission reduction technology, it has successively carried out a number of new applications, such as power supply dormancy, fuel cell, solar power supply, fresh air energy conservation, etc

in order to meet customers' demand for high reliability, Zhongda Diantong has set up 41 branches, 50 technical service points and 12 maintenance points nationwide. Relying on the well-trained technical service team, Zhongda provides customers with personalized and all-round pre-sales service and the most reliable after-sales guarantee. There is still a large market space for the development of the extruder industry

after 20 years of intensive cultivation, with the efforts of nearly 2000 employees, the turnover of Zhongda Diantong in 2011 exceeded 3.6 billion yuan. In the future, Zhongda will continue to innovate and provide industrial customers with industrial control solutions such as energy saving, new energy, industrial automation and video

Zhongda Diantong is a reliable industrial partner

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