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New upgrade of Lovol heavy industries' brand image on October 26, Lovol heavy industries held a brand image upgrade release ceremony at the 2015 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in Qingdao, officially releasing the new brand logo to the world

new brand image upgrade of Lovol Ceres harvester

new brand image upgrade of Lovol opal tractor

the new brand logo released is more vivid, tough, three-dimensional and reflects the sense of modern science and technology. The three-dimensional and resolute shape also symbolizes the spirit of Lovol brand's continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence

after 17 years of rapid development, Lovol heavy industries has accumulated excellent brand assets and become one of the most competitive brands in the industry. This year, in the "top 500 most valuable brands in China" released by the world brand laboratory in Beijing, Lovol was listed again with a brand value of 33.556 billion yuan, an increase of 7.058 billion yuan over 2014, an increase of 26.64% year-on-year, making "Lovol" one of the fastest growing brands in China in recent years

Lovol mattmark air suction precision seeder on the tall

Lovol opal tractor and Lovol mattmark air suction precision seeder jointly appeared

the brand is the embodiment of the core value of the enterprise and an important driving force for the development of the enterprise. Facing new development opportunities in the future, Lovol heavy industries' brand upgrading accurately conveyed the international image of Lovol brand and its determination and confidence in accelerating globalization strategy

redefinition of Lovol brand

it is understood that Lovol heavy industries has systematically and steadily promoted the "Lovol brand image upgrading project" in the past few years in combination with its own development characteristics, focusing on the comprehensive and systematic strategic optimization and upgrading of Lovol heavy industries' brand concept, brand connotation and brand image, making it more in line with the industry development direction and the company's transformation strategy

Lovol heavy industry exhibition area is very popular on site

especially on the basis of inheriting the original excellent gene of Lovol brand, it has supplemented and enriched the connotation of new brand concept, and built a more perfect Lovol heavy industry brand concept. In terms of physical Futures: Coke 1501 weak shock system, leading Lovol heavy industry to continuously forge ahead

at the press conference, Lovol heavy industries defined the positioning of "the world's leading brand of off highway walking machinery and equipment", put forward the brand vision of "realizing friendly and efficient interconnection among people, products, resources and environment with innovative technology, and creating a better future of sustainable development", and formed the core values of "integrity  respect for innovation  passion and professionalism  team"

at the same time, it inherits the original brand slogan of "technology creates the future". Around the company's strategic objectives, Lovol heavy industries put forward the mission of "focusing on the innovative development of industry and the application of Internet technology, realizing intelligent manufacturing, intelligent management and intelligent services through industrial Internet technology, and providing interconnected, efficient and reliable overall solutions for global modern agricultural production, urban life construction and resource industry"

Lovol spray machine has become the focus of the audience

behind the brand innovation is the system capability upgrade

hot exhibition site, and all kinds of agricultural machinery products compete for excellence. However, Lovol heavy industries for the first time launched the whole process mechanization solutions for agricultural production, such as the new brand logo oubao tractor, Ceres harvester, matermacc precision seeder and other Lovol agricultural machinery combinations. Undoubtedly, the rapid development of air transportation in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region is the biggest highlight of the exhibition, which is also very consistent with the theme of "promoting the whole process mechanization of agricultural production"

after careful observation, Lovol's new brand logo has carried out optimization and innovation on the basis of inheriting the excellent gene of the original logo, showing a brand-new brand image. On the basis of inheriting the letter shape of the core of the original logo, the font has been further optimized. The new font has more tension and visual impact, and its recognition has been further improved, reflecting the brand connotation of Lovol heavy industries' openness, inclusiveness and forge ahead

of course, after 17 years of accumulation and sedimentation, Lovol brand has not only become popular in the domestic market, but also in the international market. Behind all these achievements is the unremitting efforts made by this enterprise in terms of system capability

in fact, as early as 2010, Lovol heavy industries proposed structural adjustment and adhered to the road of connotative development. In this regard, liangqirong, Secretary of the Party committee of Lovol heavy industries, explained that connotative growth is to build Lovol heavy industries into a high-tech and modern world brand by cultivating system capacity and relying on capacity growth to drive structural adjustment and business integration, so as to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises

from the perspective of understanding, the so-called system capability has no obvious advantages or disadvantages in external performance, and external references are an overall excellent impression; Internally, it is a kind of spontaneous and self-conscious corporate cultural cohesion. Each employee understands his own position and shows strong executive power as a whole

within Lovol heavy industries, there is a more clear and precise definition of system capability, which is decomposed into five capabilities: strategy and performance, product creation, commodity manufacturing and operation, service support, system and enterprise can see culture from the lower part of the force measuring cylinder

it is also the persistence of Lovol heavy industries for many years. In recent years, Lovol heavy industries has changed the impression of winning speed in the past, and instead made efforts in technology, products, quality, brand, service capability and other aspects with a steady attitude to comprehensively improve the quality of business operation. In particular, as a leading enterprise in the agricultural equipment industry, it does not feel the sense of "domineering", but develops steadily under the unified strategy and moves forward step by step towards the goal of the world's leading brand of off-road walking machinery and equipment

looking forward to the future, create new images and create new highlights

with the in-depth promotion of made in China 2025 and the national strategy of the "the Belt and Road", the positive signals of equipment manufacturing enterprises will continue to increase. Lovol heavy industries has made many actions this year, showing not only the current strategic confidence, but also the boost to the future global market prospects

2015 is a key year for Lovol heavy industries' globalization development, which can be described as a multi-point flowering and continuous excellence

it has good resistance to common battery electrolytes. In this year, Lovol heavy industries successfully acquired apos, an Italian agricultural machinery enterprise with a history of 100 years, and matemark, an Italian enterprise leading in the field of agricultural machinery manufacturing in the world; In this year, Lovol heavy industries realized the integration and development of a variety of high-end machine and tool businesses, including Lovol dryer, Lovol spray machine, etc; In this year, Lovol Arbos was established in Italy. It will integrate the resources of the original Lovol European technology center, Arbos and matemak factories to form a business operation platform of the full value chain, which will become an important support for Lovol heavy industries to develop the international high-end agricultural equipment market

in addition, Lovol heavy industries also gave a satisfactory answer against the background that the global economic recovery this year was less than expected and the downward pressure on the domestic economy increased. From January to September 2015, Lovol heavy industries' sales revenue reached 17.9 billion yuan, including 9.117 billion yuan from Lovol's agricultural equipment business, a year-on-year increase of 1.3%

it has been said that achievements can only represent the past, and enterprise development is like sailing against the current. If you don't advance, you will fall back. Especially in today's rapidly changing equipment manufacturing technology, slow development means retrogression. The new goal is ahead, and Lovol, which is innovative, will be even more wonderful

"Under the guidance of the new brand concept, the new brand logo bearing the 'Lovol dream' was officially released today. In the future, Lovol's new logo will certainly become an important member of the international brand logo, which will also continue to promote the continuous expansion of Lovol heavy industry's business, continue to promote the company's system capacity building, build a world-class enterprise, realize the transformation from a regional enterprise to a global enterprise, and compete with others on the big stage of globalization, Create more brilliance! " Wangguimin, chairman and general manager of Lovol heavy industries, said

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