The hottest Lovol 3-ton star loader helps Libya re

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Lovol 3-ton "Star" loaders help Libya rebuild

Lovol 3-ton "Star" loaders help Libya rebuild

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recently, Lovol loaders again received orders for 50 loaders in Libya and participated in the construction of post-war reconstruction projects in Libya. Including 20 Lovol fl936f, which is the common equipment of Zui in the plastic mixing laboratory - Ⅱ etx+ "Star" loader

with the help of centripetal force, the scattered sand and debris can be washed to the edge of the rotary table from time to time. Lovol fl936f- Ⅱ etx+ loader is a 3-ton medium and long wheelbase product, which is mainly applicable to a variety of operating conditions such as ore, sand, stone, coal and earthwork in construction sites, road construction, mines, stations and wharfs. It can be equipped with more than a dozen accessories such as quick change bucket, multi-function bucket, wood grabber, grass grabber and side dump bucket, It can fully meet the special needs of forest farms and paper mills. Lovol fl936f- Ⅱ etx+ loader can be equipped with different engines according to the needs of users. It has strong power and reliable performance, and meets the emission requirements of national Ⅱ. The machine adopts aluminum radiator with high heat dissipation efficiency, and the machine can still work normally at an ambient temperature of 45 ℃

it is reported that Lovol fl936f- Ⅱ etx+ loader adopts waterproof structure for circuit connection of the whole vehicle, and adopts manual negative pole cut-off for power bus. Its service life and safety are comprehensively upgraded, and it can work reliably in humid environment. The hydraulic system adopts quantitative double pump combined hydraulic system, which has strong applicability and high reliability, and fully meets the requirements of overseas construction

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