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"Lovol demonstration farm" marched into the West and was established in Xianyang

Lovol demonstration farm "marched into the West and was established in Xianyang

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recently, the signing ceremony for the implementation of the National Agricultural Mechanization demonstration zone in Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province was held, At the ceremony, Foton Lovol heavy industries "Lovol demonstration farm" in Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province is testing the coaxiality in the past in the following ways: (1) using a dial indicator to test on the calibration rod; (2) Check the inclination of the calibration rod with the quadrant level; (3) Open the middle part of the calibration rod and set up the tag. Wangyurong, deputy general manager of Foton Lovol heavy industries and general manager of Lovol agricultural equipment business headquarters attended the ceremony and awarded the license to the demonstration farm

it is understood that the Lovol demonstration farm currently has a land circulation area of 5600 mu, mainly planted with wheat and corn. At present, the farm is equipped with a number of Lovol large and medium horsepower tractors, Lovol Ceres wheat and corn harvesters, Lovol straw square balers and a series of Lovol agricultural equipment products. Under the guarantee of the whole series of Lovol agricultural equipment, the farm has realized the whole process mechanization of wheat and corn production. In particular, the application of Lovol large and medium horsepower tractors and various machines and tools has realized the whole process mechanization of farming, planting and management; The extensive use of Lovol Valley God ge50 grain combine harvester and Lovol Valley God cb03 corn harvester has effectively met the requirements of local agronomic conditions and realized the harvest and storage of high-yield grain

in recent years, with the deepening of China's urbanization process, a large number of rural labor forces have been transferred, and the mode of agricultural production has been transformed from small-scale agricultural production to market-oriented, specialized and large-scale agricultural production. In this context, Foton Lovol heavy industries took the lead in putting forward the innovative business model of "demonstration farm" in the industry. With "based on big agriculture, develop big agricultural machinery and build a new countryside" as the main line, we will participate in the development of agricultural modernization in the whole process, cultivate professional farmers, and promote land production and farmers' income. Boost the large-scale and industrialized operation of agriculture, promote the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, establish a new experience platform for customers, and explore and study the overall solution of agricultural equipment suitable for domestic agricultural development. At the 2014 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition held not long ago, Foton Lovol heavy industries also signed the cooperation agreement on the whole process mechanization and demonstration and promotion of corn production with the Ministry of agriculture, China Agricultural University and domestic well-known seed companies, officially launching the whole process mechanization demonstration and promotion of corn

in addition, in the selection of demonstration areas, Foton Lovol heavy industries has always adhered to the strategic positioning of high-end products entering the high-end market. As a major agricultural city in Shaanxi Province, Xianyang has made remarkable achievements in a specific system in actively promoting the construction of "two parks" of agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing Logistics Industrial Park and mechanization demonstration park in recent years, effectively promoting the development of modern agriculture and the improvement of farmers' income. This time, Foton Lovol heavy industry, Xianyang agricultural machinery management center and Wugong County People's government officially cooperated to build the "Lovol demonstration farm", and built the first practical base in Northwest China that integrates the exploration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, high-end agricultural equipment test and demonstration, and appeals to relevant departments and agricultural training

since the first Lovol demonstration farm was inaugurated in Binzhou City, Shandong Province in 2013, nearly 100 Lovol demonstration farms have sprung up all over the country in the main grain producing areas of the country, which not only shows the new understanding of Foton Lovol heavy industry on farm agricultural development, but also an innovative measure to adapt to the transformation of agricultural production mode brought about by the current land transfer

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