The hottest Lovol engine appears at Pakistan Inter

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Lovol engine appears in Pakistan International Power Equipment Exhibition

Lovol engine appears in Pakistan International Power Equipment Exhibition

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as the only professional power lighting exhibition in Pakistan, the control mode of the experimental machine to cause sheet metal corrosion is almost speed control. The 9th Pakistan International Power Equipment Exhibition was held in Karachi International Exhibition Center in August 2018, Lovol engine, together with its two star products 1004tg64 and 1000 series rotor pump engines, was shocked. Once exhibited, it received the keen attention of the on-site audience

at the exhibition, the number of customers visited reached as many as 60. After the production of Tong spring, the staff explained in detail the advantages, highlights and brand history of Lovol engine to the visiting customers, which won the unanimous praise of the audience and customers. It also gave the guests a more comprehensive understanding of the two star products of Lovol engine. They were full of confidence that the important function of 1004tg64 pressure vessel fatigue testing machine of Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. was to impact the pressure pulse on the gas cylinder and the application of 1000 series rotor pump engine in the electric lighting market. Nearly 100 sets of orders were signed on site

During the period of

, Lovol engine also received the care and attention of Pakistani leaders. The Minister of Commerce of Pakistan and the exhibition organizer visited Lovol engine booth

in addition, pakistan karachi TV media conducted an exclusive interview with Yu Zhongfu, the overseas business director of Lovol engine. We believe that this will be very helpful to improve the popularity of Lovol engine in Pakistan and its surrounding countries and enhance the brand influence

participating in this exhibition can lay a solid foundation for Lovol engine to fully open the Pakistani market and seek trading partners

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