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Now children have a heavy learning burden, so parents attach great importance to their children's learning. If they spend a long time reading and writing on inappropriate desks and chairs, it is easy to develop bad sitting habits, which will lead to problems such as myopia and spine. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a suitable children's learning desks and chairs. Then, let's follow Xiaobian to understand

purchase of children's learning desks and chairs

1. First, look at the specifications and sizes of desks and chairs

the height of children's learning desks and chairs should preferably be 65 cm, and the height of chairs should be 35 cm, so that children can be comfortable sitting on them. If they use inappropriate desks and chairs, children are prone to fatigue, reduce learning efficiency, and affect their academic performance

2. Look at the design of chairs

the design of children's learning desks and chairs must be reasonable. If they are too slippery, it's best not to buy them. Some chairs made of plastic materials and painted surfaces look beautiful, but they are slippery. Children's posture is prone to problems when sitting on them, so it's best to choose the surface of solid wood and cloth

3. Choose a study desk that meets the national standard (gb/t 3976-2002)

it is best to choose children's study desks and chairs that meet the national standard. If children's study desks and chairs are not standard, it is not conducive to their growth, so they should be selected correctly and adjusted according to the height of the national standard

4. Look at the material of tables and chairs

you can look at the material of children's learning tables and chairs. Although the surface of children's learning tables made of particleboard is flat, the decorative property is strong, the static bending strength and internal bonding strength are high, the processing performance is excellent, the warpage deformation is small, and the dimensional stability is good

5. Safety of desks and chairs

there are various styles of children's learning desks and chairs on the market. Although the styles are diverse, the main thing to look at when shopping is safety performance, whether some foldable children's learning desks will pinch children's hands, and whether there will be safety hazards in the corners of the front and back desks

6. Functions of reading tables and chairs

nowadays, children's learning tables and chairs are very functional. Generally, children's learning tables and chairs have the design of supporting elbow plates, so it is not easy to slide when placing books, so children don't have to be careful about books falling

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