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May is a lucky season, and the good news of joining comes from the front! President Zheng of Guangdong Huidong successfully joined LAN Qiao, and LAN Qiao's wardrobe went to the next city

Lanqiao wardrobe

may is a lucky season, and the good news of joining comes from the front! President Zheng of Guangdong Huidong successfully joined LAN Qiao, and LAN Qiao's wardrobe went to the next city. LAN Qiao strongly entered Huidong, Guangdong. LAN Qiao people have always adhered to their dream of investment promotion, and LAN Qiao home has also been working hard to create a healthy and happy home for the people of the country

Huidong is a county under the jurisdiction of Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. In July 1965, Huiyang county was set as Huidong County, so it was named " because it originally belonged to the eastern part of Huiyang County; Huidong "e;. Yes "e; The hometown of chess in Guangdong Province National sports advanced counties, " Guangdong famous women's shoe city "e China's women's shoes production base and an important trade and logistics town in eastern Guangdong. It is adjacent to Shanwei Shenzhen Shantou Special Cooperation Zone in the East, Zijin County, Heyuan City in the north, Huiyang District in the west, Daya Bay and Hongwan Bay in the South China Sea in the south, between 22 ° 30 north latitude ˊ To 23 ° 23 ˊ、 114 ° 33 east longitude ˊ To 115 ° 26 ˊ The county is 90 kilometers wide from east to west and 98 kilometers long from north to south. The total land area is 3535.17 square kilometers and the coastline is 171.8 kilometers. The permanent population is about 1.2 million, the registered residence population is 839000, and there are 180000 Huidong overseas Chinese and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots. Hakka is spoken in most townships, towns and markets in Huidong County; Fulao dialect is mainly distributed in Huangbu, Yanzhou, Gangkou, Pinghai and Pingshan Town of the county along the coast; Huizhou dialect is distributed in a few villages such as Sansheng and Mingxi in Duozhu town and Dapu and jiaotian in Daling town; About 70000 people speak Zhanmi dialect, a mixed Cantonese and Hakka dialect; About 10000 people speak Daojun dialect, a rare tunjun dialect in Chinese dialects; A few people speak she language& quot; Dinghu village " 800 people speak vernacular

adhere to the goal of creating millions of big merchants, not for the purpose of attracting investment for performance, but to attract investment and maintain merchants for the development of dealers and themselves. Therefore, in the training system, we have been implementing the strategy of building millions of merchants and supporting dealers to embark on the easy way of making money from customized furniture. This is the investment plan we need to adhere to now and in the future. Just like this, it has not only won the praise of people in the industry, but also attracted many people with lofty ideals to join in and discuss major issues! General manager Zheng of Guangdong Huidong came to the company for investigation just because he took a fancy to our investment promotion plan. After years of business operation, his clear logic and sharp market sense have been exercised. The customized home furnishing industry has long been the big business that general manager Zheng wants to develop

president Zheng signed a franchise contract with LAN Qiao

therefore, after further communication between the company and merchants, President Zheng found that Lan Qiao brand not only has strength in this industry, but also has a very good reputation in the industry. Finally, the brand concept and innovative product style design of Lanqiao green home deeply touched president Zheng's heart. After a deeper understanding of Lanqiao's joining policy and future development direction, President Zheng did not hesitate to join Lanqiao in a strong atmosphere. The franchise contract was signed on May 21. Here at the headquarters of the company, I wish president Zheng a smooth opening in Huidong, Guangdong and a prosperous career

looking forward to the future, Lanqiao believes. On the road of customized home furnishing industry, you are not alone. Lanqiao is all with you. As your strong backing, we can comprehensively help local franchise stores, join Lanqiao and win-win future. For more highlights, please pay attention to the official website of Lanqiao wardrobe




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