Su Jiangnan wall cloth is exquisite and restrained

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The wall cloth has gorgeous colors, various processes, and more than a thousand styles. The most classic and distinctive is the embroidery process of the wall cloth, which is an effect that wallpaper and any decorative materials cannot achieve. Let's have a look with Su Jiangnan wall cloth

the wall cloth has gorgeous colors and diverse processes

the style covers more than 1000 kinds

the most classic and differentiated

is the embroidery process of the wall cloth

exquisite and elegant

this is an effect that wallpaper and any decorative materials

cannot achieve

illuminate the dawn of decoration

elegant and exquisite embroidery process

follow the embroidery process principle of "exquisite and restrained", The embroidery patterns introduced by the new product choose elegant and exquisite patterns as the main elements, pursue the three-dimensional and hierarchical sense of patterns in embroidery technology, and use the embroidery technology of Suzhou embroidery in needlework to reflect the saturation of color and the fidelity of patterns. It is suitable for large-area paving and can reflect the warmth of home design

the color is pleasant, and the style space with elegant temperament is full of exquisite embroidery design. The Warm Beige hue combined with exquisite flower embroidery has broken the imprisonment of life fatigue, and even the tiny happiness of staying indoors is soft

modern simple European style

embroidery process European flower shape and three-dimensional children

in the products of embroidery technology, the embodiment of European flowers is one of the classic elements that are not out of style. The embroidery technology of Suzhou embroidery makes the European flower shape appear clear and natural. If you want to decorate your home in your own style and make your home show unique taste and style, the wall cloth with European embroidery technology is one of the first choices

the reason why modern simplicity has been enduring is that it is widely used. Whether it is a luxury effect or a small well-being home, modern simplicity can be well controlled, and its style is soft and genial

(image and text source: Su Jiangnan wall cloth, invasion and deletion)





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