Design knowledge of aluminum alloy doors and windo

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Aluminum curtain wall is used in the decoration of high-rise buildings. It usually plays an outstanding role in the maintenance of buildings and greatly improves the subordinate function of buildings. In addition, it can also depict the outstanding appearance of the building, making the decorative role to a higher level. So how can we create a good aluminum curtain wall

be able to think from the following four aspects, namely commodities, planning, measurement and devices. As long as these links are done well, it is possible to create a top-notch aluminum curtain wall system

first, commodities. The quality of aluminum veneers directly determines and affects the appearance and service life of aluminum curtain walls. Only aluminum veneers with excellent quality can extend the service life of aluminum curtain walls

the second is planning. There are many colors, standards and shapes of aluminum veneers. Only excellent planning skills can skillfully integrate these elements, and then create an outstanding aluminum curtain wall

next is measurement. The accuracy of measurement must be controlled within the minimum scale. It is not only to save costs and reduce waste, but also to prepare the device and depict an accurate structure

finally, it is the device. As long as the device is in place, it can reflect the planner's planning concept and purpose. Therefore, in the process of installation, we must also be careful and master the accuracy




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