Children's room decoration design 5 safety details

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As children grow up, parents begin to consider creating their own independent space for their children to fully cultivate their independent living ability. Wuhan Lugong mansion decoration designer said that scientific and reasonable decoration of children's rooms is of great significance to cultivate children's healthy growth and develop independent living ability. Because children are in different stages of growth, the safety and health of children is the most important. In the decoration design and tone of children's room, we should still pay attention to the safety and matching principle. Here, the editor of Wuhan home decoration network will share five safety details that should be paid attention to in the decoration of children's room

1. Power supply (far away from the range that children can touch)

power supply is very dangerous for children. When choosing power supply, our Wuhan decoration owners can choose specially made children's safety power supply. When some power supplies are not in use, they can be covered with some heavy household items. On the one hand, they can cover the complicated wires. Finally, it is always important to keep children out of contact with the socket. Children are more playful, so they will play with the socket as a toy, which is likely to be dangerous

2. Doors and windows (avoid children climbing windows)

when decorating and designing doors and windows, avoid placing some climbing objects under the doors and windows. Children are naturally active. If children climb up, the consequences are unimaginable. In addition, the window cannot be without a guardrail, otherwise, the child is easy to turn over, so it is prone to accidents

3. Light (not dazzling, not dim)

the baby's vision is very fragile, and it is difficult to bear the direct light. When decorating the children's room, you should choose a room with good lighting and sunny ventilation. Try to turn on less lights during the day and take more children outdoors. Improper use of light will affect the baby's vision. It is recommended to use softer light, such as yellow light

4. Use locks (isolate hazardous substances)

there are generally many dangerous substances at home, such as bleach, disinfectant, knives and forks, etc. if these are touched by children, the consequences are very serious. So when decorating the house, parents should make a good plan. It is better to use locks to isolate these items from children

5. Environmental protection and safety (environmentally friendly materials, avoid injury)

furniture safety is also a very important part. In addition to choosing environmentally friendly decoration materials and furniture, there are also some small details that need to be paid attention to. These are related to the health of children. It is not a joke, so we should pay attention to environmental protection when choosing furniture and other supplies

the most important thing in the decoration of children's room is to pay attention to the health of children. We should pay attention to environmental protection when choosing decoration materials. If you encounter an unreliable decoration company and use decoration materials with excessive safety indicators, it will bring great harm to children. If you are still confused, the easiest way is to call 400-607-2258 directly. There are professional customer service to recommend professional designers for you, which can help you easily solve the problem of home decoration and sweep away your previous troubles. If you are interested in high-quality green building materials, you can log in to Wuhan home decoration network [building materials mall], where there are many first-line high-quality building materials for you to choose, the entrance of building materials mall




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