Shocking education on cigarette packs in Brazil

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Shock education on cigarette packs in Brazil

in order to control the growth of smokers and educate teenagers to stay away from cigarettes from childhood, Brazilian authorities decided that from this month, all tobacco manufacturers must replace the patterns on cigarette packs, and the new patterns not only warn smokers, but also educate non-smokers. Many tier 1 suppliers have withdrawn from this field

cigarette box pattern is shocking

the cigarette packaging pattern now sold in Brazil began to be used in January 2002. It is printed with 9 photos taken by photographers and attached with some simple advice to remind people to pay attention to the harm of smoking. Although these photos and words have played a certain role in controlling smokers, the number of smokers has not decreased significantly, and the role of education for teenagers is not obvious

later, the Brazilian health department decided to change the cigarette box pattern through investigation and research, and selected ten shocking real pictures, such as two blackened lung lobes of patients with lung cancer, photos of dead cockroaches and dead mice, premature infants, children with respiratory diseases, aborted dead infants, mouth full of malignant tumors, disabled people whose legs were amputated due to vasculitis, etc. In addition, the advice on the cigarette box has also become more sharp. For example, on the cigarette box printed with dead cockroaches and dead mice, the advice is as follows: "smoking is equal to inhaling arsenic and camphor used to poison mice and cockroaches". On other cigarette packs, the description with the pictures is also very straightforward, such as "smoking can cause habitual abortion" and "smoking can cause vascular diseases and even amputation"

It is reported that the above decision was made by the Brazilian health department after a public opinion survey in November 2003. In this poll, 79% of people believe that the pattern on the cigarette box should be more shocking or disgusting. Therefore, the relevant departments decided to select 10 new cigarette packaging patterns from 72 teenagers aged 15 to 19 in Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre respectively, and decided to give tobacco manufacturers nine months to replace all cigarette packaging. Those who fail to replace within the time limit will be severely punished. After the new cigarette packaging is launched, each box of cigarettes in each cigarette has different packaging patterns and advice language. In this way, what smokers hold in their hands is no longer exquisite and artwork like cigarette packaging, but disgusting patterns

it is reported that Brazil and Canada are the only two countries in the world that use tobacco packaging to control smoking. In 2002, Brazil began to print nine elaborate patterns on each box of cigarettes, which played a certain role in publicity. A survey by Brazil's National Cancer Institute found that 50% of smokers believe that the patterns and advice on cigarette boxes help them quit smoking. In Canada, 38% of smokers gave up the bad habit of smoking after changing the cigarette box packaging, which shows that the cigarette box packaging has a great impact on smokers

smokers increase the burden on enterprises

in recent years, although the Brazilian government has taken a series of anti-smoking measures, the number of smokers is still considerable, and more than 200000 people die of smoking related diseases every year. Moreover, through the survey, people found that smoking not only affects health, but also affects work, increasing the burden of enterprises. After an eight month survey of 100000 employees in 14 enterprises, the relevant Brazilian departments found that 24% of these enterprises smoke, and smokers are absent for 10 days more than non-smokers every year; They spend an average of 30 minutes a day smoking, and their medical expenses are 40% higher than those of non-smokers. On average, the retirement age is earlier than that of smokers who do not know from Nankai University

in order to prevent the increasing number of smokers, the Brazilian government has to take new measures to change the packaging of cigarette boxes to deal with smokers. It is hoped that this measure can not only make existing smokers dislike cigarettes until they quit smoking, but also serve as a warning to non-smokers and keep them away from cigarettes. (Li Xiaoyu)

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