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Prevention and control methods of High-altitude Falling Accidents

the prevention and control methods of high-altitude falling accidents are to reveal the abnormal behavior of people, the abnormal state of things, and the abnormal combination of people and things. They are the laws that lead to and constitute high-altitude falling accidents, and apply their laws and the principles of accident prevention and control, The scientific method of "to promote the regular movement of people and objects in high-altitude operation and change their abnormal movement" produced by contacting the needs of safety management is essentially to prevent and control High-altitude Falling Accidents in advance

the so-called work at height refers to work at a height 2m above (including 2m) from the datum plane where there is a possibility of falling. The casualty accident caused by falling milling during this operation is called falling accident. Such accidents occur in all industries, and most of them are construction enterprises, accounting for about 20% of all accidents

1. The law of high altitude falling accident

the law of high altitude falling accident is a universal manifestation of catastrophe after quantitative change accumulation due to the loss of control of abnormal movement caused by people's combination with related objects and violation of the laws of objective things during high altitude operations

1.1 falling accidents have classification rules

falling accidents are classified into the following nine types according to the falling ways in which falling accidents harm people and 20 new operating machines:

(1) falling at the entrance (reserved entrance, passage entrance, stair entrance, elevator entrance, balcony entrance, etc.)

(2) falling from the scaffold

(3) falling from suspended work at heights

(4) light situations such as asbestos tiles fall

(5) falling during demolition works

(6) falling during climbing

(7) falling when working on a ladder

(8) roof operation falling

(9) other high-altitude operation falls (falls on iron towers, electric poles, equipment, frames, trees, and other objects, etc.)

1.2 the cause law of falling accidents at heights

the cause law of falling accidents at heights refers to the universality of the specific reasons for the recurrence of similar accidents due to the fact that people can solve this problem well by adding jiayirong tmemi (2) 00 in work at heights, which violates the law of objective things. Specifically, it can be divided into individual cause law and common cause law

1.2.1 personality cause law

personality cause law refers to the specific cause law of each type of falling accident in the process of occurrence, and greatly reduces the system control circuit. For example:

(1) the specific reasons for the portal falling accident mainly include: the body loses its balance due to careless operation at the portal; Fall into the hole by mistake when moving; Sitting and lying on the edge of the hole to rest; There is no safety protection at the entrance; The safety protection facilities are not firm, damaged and not handled in time; There are no eye-catching warning signs, etc

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