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Prevention and emergency disposal of natural gas accidents

with the establishment of the socialist market economic system, the development and application of natural gas in China are becoming more and more popular, the production process is becoming more and more complex, the variety of products is increasing, and the transmission channel is expanding, which will increase the probability of accidental natural gas accidents. Natural gas accidents may occur not only in the process of drilling and exploitation, but also in all links of the whole production and circulation field of natural gas. Therefore, China formulated and issued the "Regulations on fire and explosion prevention safety management of oil and natural gas drilling, development, storage and transportation" in 1988. The regulation plays an extremely important role in oil and gas drilling, gathering, transportation, storage, processing, utilization and other production in order to improve the utilization rate of production capacity and protect the safety of national and people's lives and property

the main component of natural gas is methane, which contains hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and other components, and has the physical characteristics of low density, easy expansion, easy combustion and so on. As a high-quality raw material and fuel, it has been widely used in industrial umbrella industry and has produced huge social benefits. However, the H2S content of natural gas in Jiaochuan is generally more than 20 mg/m3, up to 493 g/m3. Because of its strong flammability, explosiveness, toxicity and corrosivity, it burns, explodes and releases toxic gases under specific conditions, posing a threat to the environment and causing chain reactions. With large-scale poisoning, people should pay particular attention to it

characteristics of natural gas accidents

1 After a mass

accident, many people are poisoned or injured. At the same time, many people in the same area will be poisoned and injured. For example, when the Dianjiang branch of East Sichuan purification plant of Sichuan Petroleum Administration Bureau was overhauled in May 1979 and the acid gas pipeline of the recovery section was opened, a total of 8 factory directors, engineers, technicians and workers who participated in the overhaul were acutely poisoned and unconscious

2. Social

natural gas accidents cause a large number of toxic leakage, which will pollute the air and water sources, and even affect areas outside the accident or cause social disasters. In 1991, a shallow natural gas company drilled a well on the Wolong river structure. After the blowout, it caught fire, burning hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of natural gas every day. The fire lasted for nearly two months. The crops within a radius of 2 km were scorched, and the crops within 10 km were reduced in a large area. The residents beyond 10 km were fumigated by hydrogen sulfide and couldn't sleep. The workers of nearby factories asked for leave to escape from the toxic gas diffusion area. The rotation of complex projects will not be a single one, It almost caused the shutdown

3. Sudden

accidents happen suddenly, which often makes enterprises or relevant departments unable to prevent

4. Complexity

acute poisoning in accidents is often accompanied by mechanical injury, corrosion injury, high temperature burns, etc., which brings great difficulties to the treatment of the wounded

natural gas accidents are difficult to predict. The losses caused by burning, burning, smoking, demolition and water collapse in the fire fighting accidents, environmental pollution, shutdown and shutdown caused by the accidents, as well as the on-site attack and aftermath treatment costs (including the costs of cleaning up the accident site and paying medical treatment, funeral, pension, subsidy and relief, shutdown wages and other expenses after personal casualties) must not be underestimated

disposal of natural gas accidents

natural gas, as the raw material and fuel of various industrial and chemical production, will have a huge impact in a specific time, special climatic conditions and especially in the geographical environment of the material of the experimental machine itself, the accuracy of sensors, the accuracy of machining and so on. Therefore, the safety management of natural gas production and use is very important. In order to avoid oil and gas fire and explosion accidents and protect the safety of national and people's lives and property, the state has strict safety operation procedures and a set of strict technical preventive measures (a total of nine chapters and 250 articles) in the "Regulations on the safety management of fire and explosion prevention in oil and natural gas drilling, development, storage and transportation", which are responsible for drilling, gathering, transportation, pressurization, purification The details of possible accidents in each production part such as storage and long-distance transportation consider the corresponding disposal measures and the corresponding blowout prevention, fire prevention, explosion-proof, static electricity prevention and lightning protection facilities, and have detailed provisions on fire prevention, fire supervision, fire equipment allocation, fire equipment management, etc. In case of leakage of heating furnace coil, immediately cut off the gas source, vent and relieve pressure, and deal with the accident urgently; The emergency vent pipeline in the natural gas purification unit area shall be directly connected with the flare; The flare shall be equipped with reliable ignition facilities and ignited during venting. The automatic blasting shut-off valve recently developed by Sichuan Petroleum Administration Bureau to reduce the increase in natural gas emissions due to accidents is a good accident disposal measure, which not only saves natural gas, but also reduces air pollution

in order to prevent explosion accidents caused by fire caused by uncontrolled blowout during drilling, well control design should be done well and well control work should be strengthened. In the geological design, the oil, gas, water display and other information of adjacent wells shall be provided, and the depth and estimated content of hydrogen sulfide bearing formation shall be specially noted. The working pressure of the well control devices of oil and gas wells and the completion wellhead shall be subject to the force that the highest layer pressure of the whole well should be powered on and operated once a month. Fire sources such as residential buildings, schools, factories and mines within 2 km around the well pad must be investigated. In case of uncontrolled blowout and the escape of hydrogen sulfide gas, the above units and personnel should be immediately notified to extinguish the fire and evacuate the dangerous area quickly if necessary. In a blowout accident in a county in Sichuan Province in November 1995, due to too much downhole pressure, the 70 MPa well control device was out of control. Although it did not cause a major disaster, hydrogen sulfide blinded some drilling workers, rescue personnel and local residents. Due to the special nature of natural gas and human negligence, new situations and problems may be encountered every day. By constantly studying new situations, we have established an emergency response plan for accidents, further improving the technical prevention ability

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