Pressure test of the hottest package

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Pressure test of packaging

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pressure test is to place the package or packaging container on the pressure testing machine, apply pressure evenly on its top (or bottom) at a certain speed, and evaluate the ability of the package or packaging container to withstand external pressure and the protection ability of the package to the contents

the main equipment of pressure test is press, pressing plate and load recording device. The press can be driven by motor, mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission. When pressurizing, one or two pressing plates shall be able to move at a constant speed at a relative speed of (103) mm/min, and the pressure shall be gradually applied; The pressing plate shall be flat. When the pressing plate is placed horizontally, the horizontal difference between the lowest point and the highest point of the plate surface shall not exceed 1mm. To reduce the divergence of materials, these factors need to be controlled and selected. The size of the pressing plate should exceed the entire area of the opposite surface of the package in contact with it. In the technical sense, the pressing plate must also be hard, and the relative error of the load recording device shall not exceed 2% of the applied load. The relationship between pressure and displacement can be obtained by inductive displacement sensor, pull pressure sensor, carrier amplifier and function recorder

the reason why the package or bag won the prize is largely due to its manufacturing process. The pressure that the container can withstand is closely related to temperature and humidity. Temperature and humidity should be adjusted before pressure test

the pressure test can be carried out on the package or packaging container respectively. There are three test methods for compression direction: opposite, edge and diagonal. Conduct all or part of the test according to the purpose requirements

during the pressure test, attention should be paid to:

the test piece should be placed in the middle of the compression disk, and the load should be balanced

in order to make the specimen in good contact with the pressing plate, an initial load of 20kg should be applied, and this point should be used as the strain base point to adjust the automatic recording device

when the load is increased to the predetermined load at the specified speed, check the compression and damage of the packaging container or contents

the test conditions and methods of pressure test can be in accordance with the national standard "basic tests of 40 ~ 100hrk packaging for transportation - Part 4: compression and stacking test methods using pressure testing machine" (GB 4857) According to the provisions of

at present, the international standard "compression test and stacking test of fully filled transport packages using compression testing machine" (IS0 12048:2001) can be referred to or implemented

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