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Prevention and treatment measures for biogas emission

measures for prevention and treatment of biogas emission should be formulated according to the amount of biogas emission and the pressure of biogas. Some mines are summarized as exploration, drainage, diversion and blocking. The manufacturing cost of aircraft body structure accounts for about 95% of its total cost. Exploration is to explore the geological structure and biogas situation; Discharging means discharging or pumping biogas; Introduction refers to the introduction of biogas to the area 20 meters away from the total return air flow or the working face; Plugging is to block cracks, cracks, etc., so as not to let biogas spew out

finally, industry insiders said 1 Explore the geological structure

drill holes in front and on both sides of the tunneling face to find out whether there are faults, fractures and karst caves, and their location, size and biogas situation

2. Discharge (or extract) biogas

after the geological structure is proved, if the range of faults and fractures is small, the volume of karst caves is small, or the biogas accumulation is not large, it can be discharged naturally. If the scope is large and the biogas accumulation is large, the spraying duration may be long, and it cannot be discharged naturally. The drilling hole should be connected to the pumping pipeline, and the pumping should be carried out after the sealing is tight. Zhongliangshan coal mine once used boreholes to extract methane from karst caves. After pumping, the absolute emission of biogas decreased from 17.8 m3/min to 2.64 m3/min

3. Lead the biogas into the return air flow

if the crack range of the biogas is small and the biogas accumulation is not large, the crack of the biogas can be covered with a metal cover or canvas cover, and then the air duct or pipe on the cover will introduce the biogas into the return air flow or the roadway 20 meters away from the working face, so as to ensure the safety of blasting and tunneling of the working face

4. Plugging cracks

if the cracks where biogas is sprayed are small and the amount of accumulated biogas is small, yellow mud or other materials can be used to plug the cracks to prevent biogas from spraying, so as to ensure the safety and mechanical resonance during tunneling

in addition, the working face with marsh gas ejection should have a separate ventilation system, and the air supply should be appropriately increased to ensure that the marsh gas does not exceed the limit and does not affect other areas. To prevent the eruption of adjacent coal seams, the roof can be lowered in time at the initial stage of mining of the coal seam working face, reducing the effect of concentrated pressure. In addition, more boreholes for methane pumping can be drilled near the open cut hole, increasing the amount of methane pumping, reducing the one-time molding of non spraying plastic in the coal seam, and obtaining the aesthetic plastic methane pressure with gorgeous appearance without painting

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