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Prevention and control of safety and quality defects in electrical engineering in housing construction at present, the housing construction market is changing with each passing day, and all kinds of excellent buildings are presented to people. However, the safety quality of electrical engineering in housing construction often has many defects due to design and process reasons, which brings great inconvenience and even danger to our life. The quality defects of electrical engineering in housing construction can be divided into two parts. The first is the indoor part. The second is the outdoor part. Any part of the defects will bring great inconvenience and even danger to our life. For most people, they often only pay attention to the surface phenomena, and the obvious parts are not familiar with concealed works. Now it analyzes various phenomena from the following two aspects

the main phenomena are: 1. The installation and wiring quality defects of switch and socket boxes and panels. 2. Installation quality defects of lamps and ceiling fans. 3. The connection quality of the conductor is defective. 4. Wire (cable) pipe laying quality defects. 5. Cable laying quality defects of TV system

the first way to overcome the above safety and quality of electrical engineering is to carry out pre construction business training, carry out psychological education for construction personnel, strengthen quality awareness and safety awareness, and organize construction personnel to familiarize themselves with the site to enhance their understanding of the safety importance of electrical construction and use. In addition, further strengthen the preventive measures in the following aspects:

1. Closely cooperate with the civil engineering discipline to accurately and firmly fix the wire box; When the embedded wire box is too deep, a wire box shall be added appropriately. When installing the panel, it is necessary to fill the seams, do not leave gaps, and do a good job in cleaning and protecting the panel. The electric conduit shall be buried in the brick wall, and the distance from its surface shall not be less than 15mm. The pipeline laying shall be "horizontal and vertical". The concealed bending radius of the electric conduit shall not be less than 10 times of the outer diameter of the pipe. The bending of the pipe shall be made flat and smooth by using a pipe bender or bending handle, and there shall be no flat folds, dents and other phenomena. When embedding PVC conduit, it is forbidden to clamp the orifice flat or bend it with pliers. The PVC plug that meets the pipe diameter cannot meet the standard measurement requirements to cover the orifice, and it is bound firmly with adhesive tape

2. The connection of multi strand conductors shall be crimped with galvanized copper joints. Only one wire should be connected on the terminal post and terminal. If two wires need to be connected, a flat gasket should be added in the middle; More than 3 connections are not allowed; The wire arrangement should be horizontal and vertical. Stripping wire can automatically calculate the maximum experimental force value, breaking force value and other experimental data heads that need to be taken out through additional surgery after the treatment. The length of each wire head should be consistent, and the conductor should not be exposed after the wire is inserted into the wiring terminal; The connection between the copper joint and the conductor shall be wrapped with insulating tape of the same color as the conductor. When connecting, distinguish the function and color code of phase line, zero line (N line) and grounding protection line (PE line), that is, PA phase - yellow, B phase - green, C phase - red; Red is generally suitable for single-phase; The neutral line (N line) shall be light blue or blue; The grounding protection wire (PC grade) must use yellow and green conductors

3. Fix the size when stripping to ensure that the thread ends are neat and unified, and the thread ends are not exposed after installation; At the same time, in order to firmly compress the wire, the single core wire should be bent into double strands when inserted into the wire hole, and tightened and tightened with screws. Management and supervision should be strengthened to ensure that the phase line, zero line and PE protective line in the switch and socket cannot be connected in series, and the mortar in the box should be cleaned first. The wires in the switch and socket box should have a certain margin, which is generally mm; We must resolutely put an end to unreasonable greed for saving materials

4. Before installing lamps, pull wires for positioning, and carefully identify the center point, so that the lamps are in a straight line in longitudinal, transverse, oblique and main same low level. The installation deviation of lamps in rows shall not be greater than 5mm; The suspension chains of fluorescent lamps shall be straight and straight to each other, and there shall be no splayed shape. The lead down shall be braided and forked with the suspension chain. When embedding the ceiling fan hook, the application shall not be less than Ф The galvanized round steel of 8 is fixed with the reinforcement in the plate. It is not allowed to use threaded steel. The processing and molding of the hook should be consistent and painted with anti rust paint. The bell cover of the ceiling fan can absorb the top and cover the hook and junction box. The rows of ceiling fans shall be in a straight line with a deviation of ≤ 5mm; The thickness of iron plate in the bottom box of balcony lamps is ≥ 0.5mm, and the paint surface is uniform and smooth, which can play a good role in rust prevention; The glass cover should not be too thin to avoid cracking during installation. The coordinates of the downlight opening of the ceiling should be set first. In addition to the requirements of straightness, tidiness and uniformity, the size of the opening should meet the specifications of the downlight and should not be too large, so as to ensure that the outer ring of the downlight is firmly close when it is installed. It is also an important factor for the smooth progress of the experiment and the accuracy of the experimental results. The ceiling is not exposed

5. Wire connectors should be connected with moisture-proof wiring connectors and pressed tightly with wire pliers; Tighten the screws carefully for the base wiring. Since the wire core is small, it is necessary to tighten the wire without breaking the wiring; The shielding layer of the TV antenna should be cleaned when passing through the tube and carefully pulled to avoid damaging the shielding layer

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