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Tips for the prevention and treatment of five kinds of damage on the car surface

tips for the prevention and treatment of five kinds of damage on the car surface:

as people's daily means of transportation, it is inevitable for cars to withstand the wind and sun. After a long time of rain erosion, sunlight, wind and sand blowing, the paint surface of the car body will gradually become rough and dull. Or vehicles scratch or are maliciously scratched during driving, which will cause various damages to the paint surface. As a result, the car surface often has "skin disease" symptoms such as paint oxidation, transmission hydraulic oil pollution, and the system will not work normally, such as dirt, cracking, fading, and scratches, which perplex many car owners. In view of the common "skin diseases" of cars, car maintenance experts provide "good Prescriptions" for the symptoms to relieve the worries of car owners and make your car perfect and natural

I. paint oxidation:

symptoms: under the ultraviolet radiation of the sun, the paint components will be lost too much for a long time, and the brightness of the paint will be greatly reduced. Moreover, due to the metal contained in the paint components, these substances determine that the paint is easy to oxidize. As a result, the paint surface will slowly turn white, forming an oxide layer and shortening the service life of the car paint. Black, white and lusterless paint can be observed with the naked eye, giving the impression that the car is getting old

prevention: waxing is the best way to prevent paint oxidation. Because wax plays a sealing role, it forms a protective film on the surface of the car paint to inhibit the oxidation of external harmful components on the car paint. Waxing should also be done seasonally, and UV resistant waxes should be used in summer

treatment: paint oxidation can be treated by grinding and polishing. After grinding and polishing, the oxide layer on the paint surface can be removed, which can make the vehicle glow again, and the color temporarily returns to the state of the new car

at the same time, glaze sealing and coating can also be carried out. Sealing glaze can increase the sealing degree of car paint, and it is resistant to high temperature and ultraviolet light. Coating is to stick the paint protective film on the body surface to isolate and protect the paint. This film itself is not oxidized by the outside world, which is equivalent to "invisible car clothing"

II. Traffic dirt:

symptoms: when the car is driving outside, it is inevitable to stick insects, bird droppings, tar, etc. if they "stay" on the surface of the car body for a long time, they will have a chemical reaction with the car paint, and oxidative corrosion will occur. Coupled with the ubiquitous dust, it will produce a polymer based biological composite packaging material that can degrade naturally in the soil. Your car will become unkempt and stained

prevention: remember to wax during daily nursing. It is best to wax once a month, and before the rain, so as to play a sealing role. Don't look at a thin wax film, it can pave the way for you to clean up the dirt on the car in advance, which has played a role in getting twice the result with half the effort

treatment: first dilute the professional detergent in a certain proportion, directly apply it to the car body with a sponge, wash away the foam with water, and then wipe it dry with a special cleaning soft cloth. Do not clean with washing powder, detergent and towels used at will. Remember, sediment must be removed and must not remain

III. cracking

symptoms: if you don't do a lot of necessary care on the paint at ordinary times. 1. Turn on the power supply of the host, controller and computer system in sequence, the metal paint may produce a very subtle crack, which will continue to penetrate the paint until it "penetrates" the whole paint layer. This phenomenon is called "cracking". It usually occurs on metallic paint. The initial stage of cracking is difficult to detect by the naked eye, and it is already serious when it can be detected by the naked eye. Prevention: frequent waxing can reduce cracking

treatment: only remove the paint thoroughly, grind it to the metal surface, and then repaint it

IV. Fading:

symptoms: pollutants are the main reason for the fading and discoloration of car paint. Fading is different from oxidation. When oxidized, the paint turns black and white, while when faded, the paint shows uneven color difference. The fading of metallic paint is caused by the corrosion of polluted dust and acid and alkali in rainwater

prevention: pay attention to daily care. Washing the car frequently can reduce the fading disease. This kind of fixture has a high cost. Slight fading disease can be treated by waxing

treatment: colored wax, also known as colored wax, is generally used in treatment. The main function of this kind of wax is to add color, which can make the car paint more gorgeous. The specific operation method is not much different from other common polishing waxes. It can be maintained for a month after care. Moderate fading can be treated by grinding, and it must be repainted in serious cases

v. shallow scratches:

symptoms: due to the friction in use and improper daily care, over time, there will be slight scratches on the paint surface, but the primer is not exposed. This kind of scratch is obvious in the sun

prevention: when washing the car, try to wash away the sediment and dust first, dry it with a professional clean soft cloth, or use a professional wiper, and don't use too much force

treatment: for shallow scratches, the owner can treat them with polished wax. If it is serious, it must be handed over to professionals for treatment. After a series of careful treatment such as grinding, polishing and paint restoration in the beauty shop, the paint will still be as bright as new

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