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Prevention and control of high-altitude demolition accidents

according to the objective requirements of safety management, using the movement law of safety and accidents and the law of preventing and controlling accidents, in order to change the abnormal behavior of people, the abnormal state of objects, and the abnormal combination of people and objects, in essence, to effectively prevent and control high-altitude demolition falling accidents in advance, which is divided into specific prevention, control and comprehensive prevention and control

(1) key points for prevention and control of falling accidents in high-altitude demolition of openings: solid and effective safety protection facilities (cover plate, fence, safety) must be set at the prevention opening, passage opening, stair opening, elevator opening, loading platform opening, etc; If the protective facilities at the entrance are damaged, they must be repaired in time; It is strictly forbidden to move or remove the protective facilities at the entrance without authorization; Be careful when operating near the hole, and do not work with your back towards the hole; Don't rest, fight, cross the hole or walk on the hole cover near the hole; At the same time, eye-catching warning signs must be hung at the entrance

clean the dust and sundries in the electrical box (2) prevention and control points of falling accidents on the scaffold; Scaffold shall be erected and scaffold board shall be paved according to regulations, and no probe board is allowed; The protective railings shall be bound firmly and hung safely; The load of scaffold shall not exceed 270kg/m2; If the scaffold is too wide from the wall, safety protection should be added; The system of scaffold erection acceptance and use inspection shall be implemented, and problems found shall be handled in time

(3) the prevention and control points of falling accidents in aerial work at heights, such as the performance test or characteristic measurement of tires for cars and small trucks, can be carried out on the machine: strengthen the construction plan and the cooperation of various construction units and types of work, try to use scaffolding to reduce the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal and other safety facilities, and avoid or reduce aerial work at heights; Operators should be more careful to avoid excessive force and body instability; Operators working at heights must wear soft soled anti-skid shoes and correctly use safety belts; It is not suitable to work at heights in the air if you are sick, tired or depressed

(4) key points for prevention and control of roof cornice falling accident during high-altitude Demolition: Operators on the roof should wear soft soled anti slip shoes; Anti skid measures shall be taken when the roof slope is greater than 25; When working on the roof, do not move back to the cornice; When using the external scaffold for construction, the external row of upright rods should be 1.2m higher than the cornice, and hang it safely. The external scaffold of the cornice should be covered with scaffold boards; If the external scaffold is not used for construction, safety measures should be set under the eaves

the specific prevention and control of high-altitude falling accidents. The specific prevention and control of high-altitude falling accidents are based on the specific causes of different types of high-altitude falling accidents. Later, when he became more and more familiar with this kind of material, he put forward specific prevention and control points for each type of High-altitude Falling Accidents

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