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20 key enterprises in Inner Mongolia adjust their strategic readiness to meet the challenge

20 key enterprises in Inner Mongolia, such as Ordos, Luwang, Baotou Iron and steel, Yili, Mengniu, are actively adjusting their strategic deployment according to the new situation after China's accession to the WTO. They are ready to meet the challenge, seize business opportunities, and become strong in the world to imitate the human type to promote the institutional community

Yili faces the challenge with integrity and increased technical content. Yili company faces up to the reality of the impact of international logistics, capital flow, technology flow and information flow after China's entry into the WTO, evaluates the situation, responds to "change" with "change", changes the concept of "selling products" in the past, and turns the focus of marketing to the study of consumers. We will strengthen integrity services, increase technical content, achieve economies of scale, invest hundreds of millions of yuan to establish marketing networks, control terminals, and shorten the distance between enterprises and agents and consumers

grassland Xingfa set foot in the catering industry. Caoxing has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, small size, light weight and intuitive reading. Following the acquisition and merger of 23 meat mills in five league cities such as Ximeng, caoxing group has recently opened a restaurant in Russia. In order to become one of the top three meat processing enterprises in China during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, grassland Xingfa has put forward the strategy of "focusing on both ends and taking the middle", that is, focusing on the source of industrialization and the leader of the market network, and driving the development of deep processing of products. Opening restaurants in Russia is an important development step for Russia to achieve "two ends" and move towards internationalization

Hetao and Yitai have extended their "tentacles" to other industries. Hetao Liquor Group has recently paid attention to the connection with large enterprises at home and abroad, and actively developed projects such as fruit and vegetable drinks, medlar health drinks and Biopharmaceutics by making use of local resources and the advantages of large enterprises. These projects will become its second pillar industry after Baijiu. Yitai Coal Industry is developing licorice high-tech products to form a new leading industry

Jilantai "knows himself and the enemy" to fight a hard battle. Wang Gang, chairman of Inner Mongolia Jilantai Salt Chemical Group, said: "to make the enterprise bigger and stronger, we must aim at advanced enterprises at home and abroad, implement benchmarking activities, and identify gaps and deficiencies." In view of the gap and deficiency, Jilantai Salt & Chemical Group scientifically implemented the reform, introduced the opportunities of sodium and ad industries, and helped C foaming agent production line to transform the project of natural carotene series products by chenweihong, general manager of "TERT dodecyl mercaptan and chloric acid" full-color plastic industry. Through a series of technical transformation and integration, the product quality and service have been further improved

Ordos will unswervingly "warm" the world. Wanglinxiang, chairman of Ordos Cashmere Group, said: "after more than 20 years of efforts, our domestic market share is 35% and the international market share is 25%. It is expected that by 2010, the domestic and international market share will reach 50%." The high-grade cashmere sweater production technology transformation project in Ordos is listed as a key project in the autonomous region. After these projects are completed, they will certainly enhance the market competitiveness of Ordos Cashmere Group and strive for greater market share in the new round of market competition. (Xinhua)

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