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2004 (Guangdong) international paper packaging and printing industry exhibition

Guangdong is located in the South Gate of China. It has always been a trade center and economically developed province in South China. At present, Guangdong has more than 90000 foreign-invested enterprises, and its import and export commodities account for more than one third of the country. The commodity paper packaging industry is particularly developed. Now, there are more than 6000 paper packaging products and printing enterprises, of which the sales of paper packaging products reached 20billion yuan in 2002. Guangdong has become the largest market for China's paper production and consumption

-- the high specification printing industry wealth conference and exhibition were held together to show off their beauty.

as an exhibition held at the same time of the Guangdong printing industry leaders' summit, 2004 international paper packaging and printing industry exhibition (paper-expo 2004) will be grandly held in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou China Export Commodities Fair from July 13 to 15, 2004. The exhibition will aim at "boosting the development of the industry and enhancing the scientific and technological competitiveness of Guangdong paper packaging and printing industry". With a number of theme forums and special technology promotion conferences, nearly 1000 Guangdong Printing owners and paper packaging and printing enterprises from all over the country will be able to enjoy a rich paper packaging and Printing Science and technology feast while participating in the theme conference. At the same time, all well-known paper processing equipment at home and abroad will also Printing technology and raw material suppliers gathered in Guangzhou, China, to jointly display the world's most advanced packaging and printing technology and related supporting services, so as to accelerate the improvement of the scientific and technological competitiveness of Guangdong paper packaging and printing industry

-- five reasons for joining paper-expo 2004

★ market opportunities

at present, the output value of Guangdong's printing industry has reached 5 pistons. The maximum stroke: more than 500mm00 billion yuan. With the printing industry in Hong Kong, the output value of the printing industry in the Greater Pearl River Delta has reached more than 80 billion yuan. In 2002 alone, 1600 printing enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region undertook to print printed materials from more than 50 countries in the world, with an annual export value of 12.96 billion yuan, making it the "leader" in the processing and export of printing products in China. In 2003, under the background of market opportunities such as CEPA and Guangdong building a cultural province, Guangdong Publishing Bureau put forward the idea of Guangdong and Hong Kong jointly building the Pearl River Delta and the world's fourth largest printing center. Faced with such opportunities, Guangdong paper processing industry is bound to usher in a new and higher wave of development

★ credit guarantee

as a new milestone in the Guangdong Printing Industry Exhibition, paper-expo 2004 was exclusively organized and planned by the Guangdong Printing Association, the authoritative organization of the Guangdong printing industry. The whole event was divided into three major activities: the printing industry leaders' summit, publishing and printing, and paper packaging and printing technology. The purpose of the association to hold such a high-level conference and exhibition is to serve the government, enterprises The market has built a trinity exchange platform. On the other hand, in the face of the chaos in the exhibition market of the domestic printing industry, it is determined to hold its own brand event and ensure the order of the Guangdong printing exhibition market

★ audience advantage

· the overwhelming Guangdong printing industry leaders' summit will bring many high-quality professional visitors to the exhibition

· paper-ex needs to add filter device Po 2004 has received strong support from printing and packaging associations of various provinces and cities, as well as publicity and cooperation from major professional media. Our key audience is the largest user group of paper processing equipment consumption. They will be carton factories, carton factories, color printing factories, paper products factories, paper bag factories, cardboard factories, paper mills, tobacco and alcohol packaging factories, offset printing factories, plate making factories, label printing factories Leaders and main principals of food packaging factory, business printing factory and other units

★ strong promotion

· organize relevant printing and packaging industries and departments from all over the country to visit the exhibition through the network of the sponsor

· directly invite senior decision-makers and purchasers from major domestic color printing plants, paper product plants, paper bag plants, cardboard plants, paper mills, tobacco and alcohol packaging plants, offset printing plants, food packaging plants, plate making plants and business printing plants through 200000 invitations to visit

· send 50000 visiting tickets directly to the person in charge of equipment procurement of carton factories and carton factories in various provinces and cities across the country

· the sponsor will issue a document to invite leaders of relevant departments of national key printing and packaging enterprises to participate

· comprehensively publish exhibition information, put advertisements and make special reports in dozens of professional media, newspapers, television stations, radio stations, professional points and public points, and broadcast the exhibition live at home and abroad

· the organizer will select some excellent exhibitors and products from the exhibitors and catalog them in the pre Exhibition Preview, so that large buyers can have a better understanding before coming to the exhibition

★ one time participation can enjoy multi-party services

· 10000 copies of the Conference Journal will be compiled and printed, which will be widely sent to the competent departments, delegates and visitors during the conference. After the conference, it will be sent to the industry systems and relevant distribution units all over the country through the network of the organizers

· provide strong media support for exhibitors

· provide banking, customs, insurance, business center and other services

· assist in arranging exhibit transportation, booth construction, hotel check-in and catering services for exhibitors during the exhibition period

· assist in arranging technical exchange meetings and hiring translators and temporary staff

· provide you with comprehensive media and public relations support, follow-up services, and efficient value-added services of △ f=........................................... Formula (12) for exhibitors

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