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2004 international beer and beverage manufacturing technology and equipment exhibition has attracted much attention

the biennial 2004 (6th) China International Beer and beverage manufacturing technology and Equipment Exhibition (China Brew 2004 Ghina beverag ① good impregnation of wood and plastic; e 2004) will be held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center from September 6 to 10

this exhibition, which has become a grand event of Asian beer and beverage industry brands, has attracted more and more attention from people in the beer and beverage industry at home and abroad. Krones, KHS and other world-famous enterprises have formed an unprecedented large German National Exhibition Group to participate in the exhibition. Recently, SIG and other Italian companies that have performed well in the Chinese market have also formed an Italian national exhibition group with strong thermosetting plates. In addition, enterprises from South Korea and other places have also participated in the exhibition in the form of exhibition groups. Domestic representative enterprises in the field of beer and beverage technology and equipment in China, such as Nanjing Light Machinery Factory, dayilong group, Guangdong No. 2 light machinery factory, Hefei Zhongchen company, Jiangsu Meixing group, Lehui group, Chongqing light machinery factory, hande company, Langfang Packaging Corporation, new Meixing, are ready to display their latest achievements at this exhibition on an unprecedented scale. Companies from the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Denmark, France, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places also signed up to participate in the exhibition. As the exhibition approaches, more domestic and foreign enterprises will sign up for the exhibition

with the improvement of market internationalization, beer and beverage enterprises pay more attention to product packaging. Therefore, this exhibition will expand the exhibition of beer and beverage packaging to enrich the exhibition content

it needs to be connected to the baby's nose, mouth or vein. Due to the expansion of the exhibition scale, this exhibition will not only arrange booths according to the participating countries and regions, but also set up different exhibition areas according to the exhibition contents according to the practices of internationally renowned exhibitions, so as to facilitate the visit of professional visitors

during the exhibition, the international beer and Beverage Exhibition Forum and a series of technical exchange meetings will also be held

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