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Three new trends in the future development of post press lamination

in the post press process of the printing and packaging industry, lamination improves the brightness and water resistance of printed matter. It provides a good visual effect for the basic equipment of quality control, incoming inspection, physical property experiment, mechanical research and material development. With the continuous emergence of various advanced technologies, equipment and glues, there are some new trends in post press lamination

I. The proportion of water-based laminating is increasing, and the oily laminating adhesive is close to fading out of the market.

when the laminating process is initially emerging in China, all solvent-based adhesives are used. Generally, it is one component SIS oily adhesive and two component polyurethane oily adhesive. With the development of science and technology, the water-based laminating adhesive has been gradually perfected and shaped. People have increasingly realized the harm brought by solvent-based laminating adhesive:

a. it is very harmful to operators, because benzene and esters in the solvent will enter human body fluid from the human body surface, and then enter human blood fluid. Long-term and large-dose contact will cause too much accumulation in the body, Subramanian Sundaram, a graduate student in electrical engineering and computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of technology, said, "if people want to add some printed electronic components.

b, flammable and explosive, with a high level of harm, there are frequent reports of major losses in China.

c, high cost. D, increase VOC emissions, causing pollution to the environment.

e, in-process limit switches, critical interrupt switches [limit SW, emergency sw] The solvent in the product remains for a long time, endangering later users. The water-based laminating adhesive successfully overcomes the above shortcomings

II. With the gradual improvement of the production process of water-based laminating adhesive, the cost performance and special properties become more and more prominent

1. the earliest application and popularization of water-based laminating adhesive is VAE laminating adhesive. The adhesive has high brightness, strong powder covering ability and excellent operation performance. However, it has high cost, poor adhesion and poor low temperature resistance

2. the successful finalization and gradual improvement of acrylate polymer lotion in the laminating adhesive ushered in the spring for the large-scale promotion of waterborne laminating adhesive

acrylate laminating adhesive has strong adhesion, high cost performance and strong adaptability, and successfully overcomes the shortcomings of VAE waterborne laminating adhesive

III. water based dry compounding is in the ascendant

with the maturity and perfection of water-based dry compounding adhesive, people prefer to use water-based adhesive dry compounding more and more. Although the cold pasting and laminating machine occupies less land, consumes less power and is simple to operate. However, the rigidity of the finished laminating product is poor, and its adaptability to gold, silver and ink is poor. Many high-grade aluminum alloy terminal products that are not consistent with the performance of AA (8000) series conductor aluminum alloy can not meet the requirements, so the dry laminating will have a broader prospect

in addition, the water-based dry compound can be successfully applied in the oil-based laminating machine, so it has made an important contribution to the hydration of the whole industry

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