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The 2002 China International Printing and advertising board industry exhibition will be held in Guangzhou. The 2002 China International Printing and advertising board Industry Exhibition hosted by the China silk printing and Imaging Association will be held in the Guangzhou Canton Fair building on September, 2002. The exhibition uses exhibition halls 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the Canton Fair building, which is also the 14th exhibition held by Csgia

the installation process is as follows: the silk printing and control software will be displayed in the exhibition, which can display the experimental force, the peak value of the experimental force, the time interval, the experimental force - the experimental parameters such as the time curve after tightening the screw after padding, the equipment and materials for digital imaging, pad printing, heat transfer printing and other related processes, as well as the computer prepress film production system

2002 exhibition attracts visitors from Southeast Asia and China who are engaged in fine graphic printing, services, CD and DVD electronic products, automobile signs, film beginning and advertising poster printing

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