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2004 International aerosol technology exhibition and international metal container manufacturing technology exhibition 2004 International aerosol technology exhibition and international metal container manufacturing technology exhibition will be grandly opened in Shanghai International Exhibition Center on November 16, 2004! The exhibition area is 6000 square meters, and there are more than 110 exhibitors at home and abroad. At the same time, the exhibition will also hold a variety of industry conferences, such as "national quality analysis meeting for insecticide aerosol products", "international aerosol technology exchange meeting" and "seminar on development and substitution technology of medicinal aerosol"

I. a grand international exchange event. The event held in China will be the largest and most professional exhibition and exchange event for aerosol and metal container manufacturing industry in Asia! The event attracted exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions, such as China, Brazil, Japan, Italy, Egypt, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea and other countries and regions. It is expected that the professional visitors will also reach a record of more than 8000 person times, and the international exhibition area will reach 1000 square meters

II. Rich exhibition contents. The exhibition contents include the aerosol exhibition area: aerosol cans, tank machinery, filling equipment, valves (pumps), testing equipment, aerosol throwing, which have won 1 high praise from experts. Spray, solvents, essence, spices, insecticides, and various aerosol products

metal container exhibition area: aluminum and steel two-piece cans, three piece cans, composite cans, metal barrels, metal covers, iron printing equipment, inks, coatings, tank seam welding machines, packaging equipment, etc

III. industrial organization with strong professionalism. China Packaging Association and its subordinate metal container committee and aerosol Professional Committee directly participated in the undertaking of the exhibition, continued to uphold the authority, international, exemplary and professional nature of its industry activities, and provided first-class standardized services for participants from all over the world. In the recent work, the organizer of this event has further increased the invitation of domestic and foreign purchasing units, and regularly sent the exhibition newsletter to the units that want to visit based on the principle of accuracy and timeliness, giving full play to the industry advantages, brand advantages and information advantages. At the same time, nearly 50 relevant media at home and abroad, including European Aerosol magazine and canmark, published the conference reports, Strive to make this activity the most influential exchange platform for information, trade and cooperation in Asia within the industry

v. colorful activities in the same period. In the same period of the exhibition, a number of seminars and exchange activities will be held, including the briefing on the quality of China's pesticide market, the China metal container manufacturing industry conference, the pharmaceutical aerosol substitution seminar, the aerosol safety production seminar and a number of enterprise self proposition exchange meetings. The speakers are from the competent departments of China's metal container manufacturing and aerosol industry and authoritative experts at home and abroad. These activities will meet the needs of professionals to the greatest extent, so that each participant can get more business opportunities in a business trip

VI. Shanghai -- a famous historical city where Eastern and Western cultures blend with each other. It has Baosteel Group, one of China's largest steel companies, Zhouzhuang, a tourist destination comparable to Venice, and a modern port accounting for one fourth of China's total import and export commodities. Its important geographical location and active economic and trade exchanges have made it the most dynamic city in China and even Asia. I believe that Shanghai, the host of this event, will make you have a pleasant, beautiful and fast business trip

China Packaging Technology Association, the co organizers and many exhibitors at home and abroad warmly welcome the industry colleagues from home and abroad to come to Shanghai. We are willing to make China's aerosol and metal container manufacturing industry more prosperous through the successful holding of this exhibition and Conference! I wish every representative participating in the exhibition and conference a complete success in this journey

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