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If you manage your rental house well, the quality of life can be improved, and the rented house will be as warm as home. How should the rented house be dressed? America and Australia will teach you

for people who work outside, renting a house is simply a common thing. But many people will feel that the house is rented back, just feel free. In fact, it is not. Although the house is rented back, the life brought by the house is not. If you manage your nest well, the quality of life can be improved, and the rented house will be as warm as home. How should the rented house be dressed? America and Australia will teach you

1. Simple is everything

in order to make the room look neat and tidy, there must not be too many household items placed in the visible place. Commonly used items can be placed neatly with shelves and storage boxes. A reasonably sized floor hanger can be placed in the porch or bedroom to make the home more tidy and refreshing

2. Change the indoor lighting

the original simple lamps and lanterns in the room can be eliminated. Choose some more creative lamps and lanterns for decoration to instantly enhance the artistic atmosphere of the room, and you can take them away at any time when you move

3. Fresh and natural colors

the use of color tones in a person's living space needs to pay attention to the sense of integrity. It is best to choose monochrome or light colors for the walls, while for rooms or north facing rooms with poor lighting conditions, light colors should be selected for standing furniture such as wardrobes and bookcases, so as to increase the brightness of the room

4. A quick way to make home warm and loving is to decorate a photo wall. You can print out the photos of your journey, or you can collect movie posters. You can also cut the beautiful single page of art photography magazines

5. Good storage method

every time you move, you always feel that there are twice as many things. More and more personal items need stronger storage tools, storage boxes, storage racks, etc., which can be flexibly combined and spliced to help you store things in place

storage is magical. Small bottles and cans can also give the space a sense of modeling. Placing them in categories not only makes the room artistic, but also very natural

6. Don't wait to live forever to buy your favorite furniture

for comfortable sofas and beautiful dining tables, you must buy your favorite, and they will certainly be suitable for your final residence. Don't buy an overall wardrobe or bookcase whose height is only applicable to the existing room, which will only be a wrong investment

7. Planting a pot of green plants at home in summer is the best decoration, which can also best show your little care and attention to your home. If you have nothing to do, trim and cut your flowers and plants. One day, you will find that the days have passed more and more emotionally, and you will find the beauty in life more and more easily

just like we can't choose the life we want, but we can choose our own attitude towards life. Although the spatial structure of the rented house is not necessarily what we want, we can change the feeling of the house through home furnishings, decorations, etc. hurry to dress up your house




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