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Wentuo international doors and windows always focuses on classic Italian famous doors, tells you the types of doors and windows, and sincerely invites you to join us

aluminum alloy window:

is the most widely used door and window material at present, and its advantages are very obvious: light, solid, not easy to deform, metal texture, easy to process. It can be sprayed or electrophoretic for surface treatment, and can match any color with the architectural shape and interior space of the room. It is the most selected material for building doors and windows

wood window:

is the earliest form material used by human beings. It has the characteristics of nature, harmony, warmth and firmness. It needs high-quality wood, while low-quality wood window is easy to deform, which affects the use and has no merit

aluminum wood window:

it is composed of aluminum alloy and wood window. Take the advantages of the two. Usually, the wood window is inside, which reflects nature, warmth, and the aluminum alloy is wrapped outside. The waterproof is better. The spraying color is matched with the building. Aluminum wood window needs high-quality wood, and the process is more complicated and the price is higher. If it does not meet the quality standard for a long time, it will produce cracks, and serious deformation will affect the use

steel window:

a product of the industrial revolution, this kind of window was widely used in husband's houses before the 1980s in China. It is easy to rust, cheap and unsealed, and has been basically eliminated

plastic steel window:

as the name suggests, the window is made of plastic and steel, and the plastic (PVC) profile is lined with steel, which not only achieves the effect of heat preservation, but also increases the strength, and the cost is low; The disadvantage is that it is easy to age and change color, and the poor merchants reduce the standard of lining steel, or even do not lining steel, which is difficult to test

Foshan wentuo door and window Technology Co., Ltd. is an international modern high-end door and window customization enterprise specializing in the R & D, production, sales and service of silicon magnesium aluminum alloy doors and windows. Headquartered in Nanhai, Foshan, it has international advanced assembly line production equipment and stable productivity. Its products are exported to many countries and regions at home and abroad

franchise advantages

wentuo international doors and windows has always focused on classic Italian famous doors. With clear positioning, high-end style and unified VI image, it has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, continuously accumulating brand influence, and creating a well-known brand of aluminum alloy doors and windows

2. He has been devoted to the design and research and development of products, dares to break the Convention, break through the pattern, inherit the classic Italian style, and skillfully integrate the elements of the times to create a shocking model of famous doors and windows, and redefine the luxury of doors and windows. Every conceptual innovation and technological innovation is only to achieve a high degree of harmony between products and living space

3. Service advantage not only insists on developing high-quality products, but also devotes itself to creating full score after-sales service. The company has established a systematic and efficient after-sales service system, involving a series of projects such as sales, information, customization, construction and maintenance. It responds in time, executes efficiently, and puts customer satisfaction first

4. Professional talent team, focusing on building a high-quality team that is united, friendly and progressive, and implementing unified training management in national franchised stores. At present, middle and senior talents in the aluminum alloy industry account for 75% of the company, of which R & D personnel account for 25%





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