Room decoration starts from the door

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Nowadays, the room decoration is getting hotter and hotter, and there are more and more patterns, but whether it is Chinese traditional, European classical, or modern simple, it is inseparable from a basic decoration project &mdash& mdash;& mdash;& ldquo; Doors and windows ”, Moreover, this project is still a large expenditure in the decoration budget, but its quality is the most irregular. Because the specifications of doorways and windows vary greatly from house to house, which requires a lot of on-site measurement work, most consumers choose to manually make doors and windows or set lines on site by the construction team. Although this method can be adapted to local conditions and is relatively suitable, due to the uncertainty of its base material (mostly large core board veneering or painting mixed oil) and the manual manufacturing process, it is prone to deformation and cracking and other defects. If you buy it in the market, you can only buy the door, and its threading still needs to be made on site. Moreover, because it is a finished door produced on a large scale, its color and style are not very rich, It is also difficult to unify the color of the thread and the color of the door. Now a customized service for finished door and window covers has been launched in the market. This product can not only make arbitrary design on the plane, but also have many colors to choose from. The substrate uses environmental friendly medium density fiberboard, which is not only not deformed, but also has the characteristics of moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, no discoloration, no cracking and so on

ceiling, skirting board and top corner line echo all woodwork from afar. This kind of design from wall to ground, from top to door and window, from furniture to cabinet, and even sofa and accessories is completed at one go “ Whole home ” Our service can make you “ One step &rdquo

traditional, simple and classical, these doors, the original pure maple color with a light modeling frosted glass, make the home full of modern avantgarde; One color of light walnuts and a metal veneer, sprinkle the simplicity of northern Europe; The glass door beside the wooden frame is treated with simple lines, which is not only crystal clear, but also adds a bit of mystery

if the color of furniture, heating cover and door and window cover is the same, it is a better choice. The designer's carefully designed black walnut modern style series and neoclassical series ensure the unity of the overall style of the door, porch, heating cover, intermittent cabinet and tea table




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