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Painting the wall is a big project in decoration. If you don't pay attention in this process, it is likely to lead to rework. In order to avoid this kind of problem in the decoration, here are the precautions for interior and exterior wall painting

1. The construction temperature shall not be lower than 5 degrees, preferably more than 10 degrees, especially on the shady side; The relative humidity is not higher than 85%. Construction shall be stopped in rainy days or windy days with force greater than four

2. When painting the outer wall, the wall surface of steam block must be fully nailed with steel mesh, and the surrounding area must be overlapped with the concrete wall by 200mm, and tightened and fixed with heat preservation nails

3. The surface of the interface agent used for exterior wall painting must be rough, and must be cured. It must be rolled full without dead corners to avoid hollowing and cracking of the wall in the future

4. When painting the inner and outer walls, the walls must be watered before plastering. The powdered walls must be watered and cured for 3-5 days to avoid hollowing and sanding caused by wall dehydration. It is recommended to use alkali resistant primer as primer. It can also be applied with 108 glue brush

5. When we paint the exterior wall, the corner protection of door and window openings has the correct size and elevation. How can we save money in decoration? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. At least 5cm shall be reserved on each side of the hole for two construction, and the aluminum alloy shall be used to close and cut straight, and the joints of the two construction parts shall be flat

6. Before using the coating, add 10-15% water (volume ratio) to dilute it and thoroughly stir it evenly. The dilution water should be clean. Generally, 15% water is added for the first surface coating and 10% for the second. Spray and dilute with 15% water

7. Roll coating, spraying and brush coating can be used. (the construction method is the same as that of interior wall)

8. Flat coating process: clean the surface → Fill cracks and apply putty locally → Grind → The first full puttying → Grind → Apply putty for the second time → Grind → Brush sealing primer → Brush the first coat of finish paint → The second finishing coat → Until the requirements are met

9. The next construction can only be carried out after the last latex paint film is completely dry. Before brushing, the last paint film should be cleaned before construction. The drying and hardening of the coating is a physical process through water evaporation. Therefore, higher air humidity or low temperature will delay the drying and hardening time of the coating. Under the condition of 25 ℃ and 50% relative humidity, the coating time is more than 2-3 hours

10. The barrel cover shall be tightly closed during construction to prevent coating from scaling. If it is necessary to pause in the brushing process, the brush or roller should be immersed in the paint in time, and all appliances should be cleaned with clean water immediately after brushing

11. Maintenance period: more than 5 days (25 ℃), low temperature should be relatively extended

12. When painting the exterior wall, ensure that the parts of the wire box and switch box should be clean and square, and ensure that the site is clean after work, and the floor ash can be used as soon as it is cleared




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