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The wardrobe needs to be fashionable and beautiful, and the wardrobe also needs environmental protection and health. Stanley wardrobe aims to provide consumers with the most suitable wardrobe to meet the three major needs of consumers. Stanley wardrobe adheres to the road of innovation and development, and has a history of 100 years to create brilliance again

in the past, people had relatively low requirements for life, as long as they basically met the basic needs of food, clothing, housing and transportation. However, with the continuous development of social economy, people's pursuit of quality of life is getting higher and higher, and there are more and more choices for the purchase of wardrobe. In Stanley's view, to do a good job in wardrobe products, the most important thing is to meet the "three requirements" of consumers: to meet people's use needs; To meet people's environmental requirements for home and ecological environment; We should reflect people's pursuit of multiple aesthetics of spiritual apartments in appearance

with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, people pay more attention to the environmental protection and safety of furniture, and the world has increasingly strict requirements for ecological environment protection. Stanley took the lead in using platinum American standard fitness board with formaldehyde emission far lower than the world-class certification standard in household product cabinets and sliding doors, which not only provides health protection for consumers' household safety, but also undertakes the mission and responsibility of maintaining the overall ecological environment

all creativity comes from customers' needs, but at the same time, customers' expression of their own needs is passive and lacks Association. Stanley home designers have a deep understanding of customers' habits, adhering to the people-oriented design concept, and have added more innovative functions to home products, making the storage more diversified, the use of space more reasonable, and the use more human

as an American home furnishing brand with a history of 171 years, Stanley has rich practical experience in the design of home furnishing products in terms of comprehensive functions, practical proportions, opening and closing effects, modeling styles, etc., inherits the authentic American furniture style, reflects the free and diverse cultural characteristics, and integrates the American life aesthetics and environmental psychology into the products

with the continuous development of the wardrobe Market, people have higher and higher requirements for wardrobe. Through repeated research on China's home furnishing market, Stanley wardrobe strives to create "better hardware and more beautiful Wardrobe". Stanley inherits the accumulation of 100 years of history, always adheres to the road of product innovation, and is poised for two years to upgrade the whole line again. Century old brand Stanley will create another brilliance




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