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The 2004 China International Paper printing exhibition was held in Guangzhou in November. The 2004 China International Paper Printing Exhibition Co sponsored by Shanghai Lihua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and China printing and equipment industry association will be held in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 9 to 11

this is an international exhibition specialized in printing with paper products as the substrate. The exhibits cover the printing industry and the non-ferrous industry. There have also been many anti-dumping lawsuits against aluminum materials in various fields, including prepress, India China and post press. In the printing market, the packaging label printing industry has always been one of the industries that can guarantee the growth of the measurement results of the experimental machine quickly. This exhibition will set up a new special area with special features to demonstrate all the label printing processes on-site. This move has received the full support of some famous label printing suppliers. The purpose of this exhibition is to provide a new display opportunity for packaging consumables suppliers who are in the label printing supply chain. For packaging label printing enterprises and enterprises preparing to set foot in the field of packaging printing, it will display the world's leading label printing technologies, such as newly developed plastic film, metal foil film, paper and new ink technologies

there will be a real online startup demonstration on site. All equipment and consumables participating in the exhibition are carefully selected, and technical professionals will also provide on-site guidance. The organizer plans to stick the labels printed on site in many places of the exhibition, so that the new packaging label printing concept can be quickly popularized by constantly striking the eyes of the audience. This real charm is better than any speech

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