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2004 China International Packaging and printing industry exhibition

date March 3-6, 2004 exhibition hall Guangdong Dongguan International Convention and Exhibition Center exhibition contents 1. Special area of printing machinery and equipment: convex plate printing machine, concave plate printing machine, sheet fed offset printing machine, web offset printing machine, silk screen printing brush machine, flexographic printing machine, self-adhesive printing machine, envelope printing machine, form printing machine, credit card printing machine, ticket printing machine, business card printing machine, transfer machine Other printing machines

2. Special area for packaging machinery and equipment: packaging machinery, filling machinery, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, sealing and labeling machinery, shrink packaging machinery, strapping, packaging machinery, packaging container manufacturing machinery, large volume, pulp molding manufacturing equipment, honeycomb paperboard manufacturing equipment, packaging material manufacturing machinery; Printing and decoration machinery, plastic machinery and related supporting products

3. Printing consumables zone: various printing papers and packaging papers, printing inks, printing plates, air cushion liners, transfer films, printing chemical materials, photographic drugs, various plate making films, packaging materials, and other tools and materials for breakthrough and innovation in various fields

4. Special area for packaging materials: paper materials (paper, base paper, pulp), glass, plastics (PVS, polyethylene, etc.), metals (copper, iron, aluminum), composite packaging materials, packaging auxiliary materials (adhesives, brighteners), anti-counterfeiting packaging materials and other materials. Sponsor: China Light Industry Machinery Association, China Council for the promotion of international trade, Dongguan branch, CO organizer: Jiangxi Zhongjing Group Co., Ltd., China Packaging Federation, when the test piece is under pressure, the address is room 1310, Anhui building, No. 6007, Shennan Avenue, Futian District, Shenzhen, fax

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