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Wanhua Beijing Automotive polyurethane system material has been successfully applied to Japanese luxury SUV.

Wanhua chemical (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is actively committed to the development and Application Research of automotive polyurethane materials. At present, the newly developed polyurethane acoustic system material waneflex 531d/wannate 8223 has been successfully applied to Japanese high-end SUV models

the latest luxury SUV model launched by Japanese high-end brands pursues excellent driving experience and extends the highest quality and luxury taste to every deep detail. This coincides with Wanhua Beijing's concept of "starting from Pu and creating a better life". The new technological breakthrough and high-quality polyurethane foam solution have achieved excellent sound absorption, shock absorption and noise reduction effects, providing quiet and comfortable interior space for drivers and passengers

waneflex 531d/wannate 8223 system material developed by Wanhua chemical (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has the advantages of low density, fast curing and low VOC. Its excellent sound absorption performance and superior formability make it successful in Japanese high-end models and can be used for small product changes. At the same time, facts have proved that after long-term and multi angle tests such as foam forming, physical performance and vehicle installation, the waneflex 531d/wannate 8223 has lived up to its expectations, fully meeting the stringent requirements of high quality, and contributing to the successful launch of new luxury SUV models

the successful application of waneflex 531d/wannate 8223 system material in Japanese high-end models reflects Wanhua Beijing's unremitting persistence and technical strength in the development of automotive polyurethane materials. We will still be committed to improving and beautifying human life with chemistry, and also look forward to providing a comprehensive and systematic polyurethane material solution for more automobile manufacturers who are different from 27.73 to facilitate hardness test

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