Dingshi appeared in the 12th Symposium on industri

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Dingshi appeared in the 12th "industrial automation and standardization" seminar

the annual industrial automation and standardization research seminar touched on many aspects such as machinery, hydraulics, electricity and computer software. It was held with the Chinese workers' home hotel in Beijing on May 22. The theme of the 12th symposium is: revisiting the security safety degree and implementation of measurement and control system. Many experts and industry leaders from home and abroad were invited to attend the seminar. Beijing Dingshi innovation technology Jiangsu Province, Shandong Province and other provincial graphene alliances have successively established Co., Ltd. in 2013. As a member of China PROFIBUS PROFINET Association and an old qualification in the field of industrial control. He was invited to attend the conference and presented a number of new products in 2013

Tang Jiyang, general manager of Dingshi, took a group photo with Mr. Ouyang Jinsong, director of the Institute of comprehensive technology and economy of mechanical industry instruments

in order to be more intuitive and visual, all Dingshi's new products are displayed in the form of on-site power on. The on-site power on display can be configured according to the project needs put forward by customers, so as to facilitate better technical exchange and business cooperation with industry experts and peers. The following are the products displayed by our company on site

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