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Field measurement! Zoomlion 4.0 series pump truck pumping data disclosure, worthy of high-precision and efficient

field measurement! Zoomlion's pumping data of 4.0 series pump trucks are publicly available, which is worthy of high precision and efficiency

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recently, Zoomlion evaluated the pumping efficiency of 4.0 series pump trucks, such as 49m of 3 bridge, 63m of 4 bridge and 63m of 5 Bridge, at several construction sites in Henan, Hunan and Guangdong. During construction, the average pumping speed reached 156.49m3/h, which increased by 16.52% compared with the average pumping speed of 134.3m3/h of composite third-generation pump trucks, The "high precision and high efficiency" is interpreted with the measured data, which vividly shows the technical advantages of Zoomlion 4.0 pump truck

▲ Zoomlion 5 Bridge 63m 4.0 pump truck

in the concrete machinery market, Zoomlion's products have won the favor of the market with the characteristics of "the most complete type spectrum and specification, leading performance technology and full coverage of high-end economy". With the characteristics of high precision and high efficiency, the 56m series concrete pump truck has made remarkable achievements in cumulative sales volume, sales volume and market share, which are far ahead of similar products. In order to better meet the market demand, the company has successively launched 4.0 series pump vehicles, such as 49m for 3 bridges, 63m for 4 bridges and 63m for 5 bridges, to help the construction of engineering projects around the country

Tan Ming, engineer of Zoomlion concrete machinery company, said: "We conducted continuous evaluation on three types of pump trucks: 49m for bridge 3, 63m for Bridge 4 and 63m for bridge 5 at the construction sites of Zhumadian, Changsha and Dongguan. The average pumping speed reached 154.53m3/h, 156.49m3/h and 154.53m3/h without oil flowing out of the return pipe respectively, which increased the efficiency by 15.06%, 16.52% and 13.32% respectively compared with the average pumping speed of 134.3m3/h of the composite third generation pump truck. In addition to the relevant knowledge of hydraulic universal machine In addition to high pumping efficiency and high praise from customers, the stable and reliable operation of the product is also highly praised by customers. "

▲ Zoomlion 3-bridge 49m pump truck was constructed in a key project in Zhumadian

Zhumadian customers using 3-bridge 49m pump truck said: "This construction task is to pour the wall column beam slab ladder on the fourth floor of Building 2 of the project. The on-site construction task is heavy, and the mixer truck comes one after another. The 49m pump truck of Zoomlion 3 bridge has stable performance, accurate statistics of pumping volume and significantly improved efficiency compared with the previous models, which effectively ensures the rapid and smooth progress of the whole construction process. It is a reliable product."

it is understood that in addition to the high-precision and high-efficiency core technology, the 4.0 series pump truck is also equipped with a number of core technologies such as full attitude boom active vibration reduction control, high-pressure pumping, vehicle safety control and differential adaptive pumping control. The products not only realize the significant improvement of pumping efficiency, but also reduce comprehensive energy consumption and improve the efficiency of many plastic flexible packaging data factories and printing factories, which has greatly damaged the stability of products Remarkable results have also been achieved in terms of operation safety

"'technology is the root and products are the foundation 'is not only the' fundamental 'for Zoomlion to remain invincible in the wave of market competition, but also the company's unswerving pursuit of this innovative concept. In the future, Zoomlion will continue to strengthen research and development, constantly upgrade products, provide customers with better and stronger products and create greater value", said the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion concrete machinery company

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